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Traditional heel shafted blade putter

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So after a lot of work on my stroke and some testing i have found the heel shafted putter to be the best fit for me. I was suing a tmag tpa x but i cant find one for myself. so what else is out there on the market with a similar look. i was thinking the yes sophia but i dont see any other options. i really cant afford a napa so thats out of the question. any help would be great and i want to avoid mallets like the xg 9

Mavrik Triple Diamond D+ 60 LTD TX
M2 HL DF Hulk
Vapor Fly pro 4 HZRDUS Black 105
Cobra MB raw Modus 120 TX
SM7 52,58,62 Black Onyx TTDG
Strokes Gained RM5 Stability Tour

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i too love the traditional heel shafted putters and ever since i bought my Louisville Golf 2500 putter, i have stopped switching putters every 2-3 rounds. Ive had it in my bag for over 6 months now...AND THATS A RECORD FOR ME!... I think it is 330 grams (not sure), but check out Louisville Golfs website. Its an awesome feeling putter IMO...And the Yes! Sophia is an awesome putter as well, but twice the cost....

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Well give the Sophia some good consideration. I had one for a while and loved it, but I just sold it to purchase a different putter. They also have the Nicky, but I haven't been able to try that one yet.


I think Rife is coming out with a pretty sweet looking blade soon called the Bimini:



If you really want to go cheap, Maxfli has a blade putter:


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