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Dumb, Dumb, and Dumber!!

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I was taking some pictures of a TM Spider to sell on GolfWrx's this morning. I had the putter re-painted by an air brush artist and it came out great with just a single white line. While taking the pictures, one of my office staff came walking by me and bumped me (on purpose) in the back as a joke!! I guess I did not have a good hold on the camera and it fell out of my hand right on top of the putter. Put a big ding in the newly painted area. Only this could happen to me! I just cannot believe this happened to me!!! ARRRRGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!
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Again, she did it as a joke thinking it would be funny to mess up my photo.


I told her that it was about a $50.00 butt kickin she just gave me!


Man I do not want to have this putter redone again!

Heck I will have well over $200 in something I really did not use!!


OK I fell better!!!

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