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Jeans on the Golf Course - Yay or Nay?

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I personally don't care to wear jeans on the course either, I don't think they are very comfortable, but thats what I wear to work, and since I usually slip away during the day to play, I do wear them. I really don't understand the issues people have with jeans, to me its not a big deal.

There's a group at our course, four local busiessmen, they drive both carts to each ball so they can all watch each other hit, stop, talk and high five each other. Figure at least 4 1/2 hours.

Group two, three local businessmen and local college coach, park the cart between the two balls, grab a couple of clubs, hit and go. Lining up putts and fixing divots on the green while the others are putting. Three hours tops for 18.

Group one, all wearing slacks, group two in jeans. Who do you want to be behind on the course when you're playing?

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not appropriate. Period.

Would you wear basketball shorts on the golf course? Wear what's appropriate for what you're doing. Comfort is an issue, I understand, but golf pants are made with that design aspect in mind. That's why they're made [u]for golf[/u].

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When I'm going to a nice course, sure, I like to get dressed up, play the part.

But when it's 50* on Dec. 1st and I'm going to get in a quick 9 at the local $600/yr dues club before the sun set, I don't even think about 'dressing up'. Jeans and a hooded sweatshirt will do. I also don't think shorts of any kind are 'classier' than jeans.

I'd love to hear someone tell me I don't respect/honor the game cause I like to golf in jeans...I've spent the last 8 years of my life in golf course maintenance. Being at work at 0430 all summer, working 12+ hrs. Rain. Heat. Snow. It's crap money considering what we do.

I've played with far too many people who can't just enjoy golf for what it is. Too many people take it too seriously. I came out to have a good time.

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[quote name='juggernaut33' post='2062807' date='Nov 13 2009, 04:52 PM']Never...ridiculous. What would be next...jean shorts to play tennis or basketball???[/quote]

Those would be called Jorts...here is a little history about the man who invented them:


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[quote name='jeffc' post='1306297' date='Oct 25 2008, 10:49 AM']can someone explain to me how jeans are warmer than khakis? About the same to me and if you are really that cold, wear long underwear. Jeans have to be about the least comfortable thing to swing a golf club in.[/quote]
+1 on the jeans not feeling warmer to me. Long underwear...-1. I like to go commando! :shok: Way less constricting! I had a guy that met us on an upscale course the other day that wore jeans, and we had to talk him into putting on some sweats over them. Sweatpants are against the policy too, but these are bright redneck hunter orange. :hunter: Or convict orange, if you prefer. I think everyone thought they were some new John Daly loudmouths, or they were just scared to say something to him! Anyway, I could care less what you wear, but I prefer not to wear jeans myself.

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I voted no, I try to avoid wearing any formof trousers on the course. Shorts for me. But if you want to wear jeans, go for it. Your more than welcome to join my 4 ball.

A guy in decent jeans and tidy shirt can look a damn sight better than some of the crap you see the "traditionalist" wearing decked out like Sergio in his worst yellow and red MacDonalds Staffer garb, lets not forget purple and lime green Pringle argyle sweaters, black strides and white belt, wtf is that, its like something from a gangster movie or at best a bad taste theme party

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The answer is a simple no. Absolutely no jeans on the golf course. I wear jeans 2 or 3 times a week, and will continue to do so for as long as I remain on Gods green Earth. But the golf course is no place for jeans. Matter of fact, I will go as far to say that if I ever work at a golf course as a Ranger...expect to be peppered with paintballs if I see you on the course with jeans or inappropriate attire :rtfm: .

That being said, I don't necessarily agree with some policies on not being able to wear shorts. I've been a guest at some upscale private clubs in NY, NJ, CT, and FL where I had to wear slacks as per policy. On many of those occasions, it was not seasonally appropriate to wear slacks IMO.

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This topic is hilarious. I am amazed to see how many people actually tend to judge others by what they're wearing. I wear jeans quite a bit at work and on the course(it can get pretty chilli in the spring and fall up here). Now of course I can't afford the 20k country club membership, maybe then it would be different. If everyone is so uptight about tradition, then why has everyone upgraded to titatium drivers and graphite shafts? I mean if Hogan didn't use them then they must be horrible and banned from the game. I think some people are too uptight, to each their own though, so if you come to my course decked out in all matching clothes then that's just fine with me. And if you show up in cut off Daisy Dukes, well that's your business and that's ok too. This game is meant to be enjoyed by a wide variety of people from all aspects of life. I am not aiming to offend anyone here, I just hate it when people think that they're better than someone else because of something so superficial.

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This will never end.......why can't people look outside the box. Come live in the places were people say that Jeans are OK because of the conditions that presents it's self. Majority of you would were jeans if you grew up in these area's. Fred Couples did.

I have visited Palm Desert 3 times in the past year, and of course I would never wear jeans down there on the course. I can see someone from PD answering this poll NO with no hesitation because they know nothing else. Private course will fall in the same line I feel, no matter the location.

Come up to the muddy NW and if you are not a member of Private course and like to spend $40 or less for a casual Winter round, you will see Jeans on the courses. Some public course have dress codes and others do not. The public course were I have a range pass does not allow Jeans, so I wear rain pants more often the not over my jeans because I do not like to dress up to just hit balls and have other things to do after hitting balls or before.

I have no issues that people feel that jeans are a no no were you live or play, but there are places were things are different then yours, so respect that. Life is not about your glass house, so look outside the box and respect what goes on out there. Be open minded please.

If you voted NO, fine and if you voted Yes that is fine too. Live both sides before you speak from only one side of your mouth.

Last, I do not want to hear the line, Jeans have no place in golf and who ever wears them does not respect the game BS.

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I´m not a big fan of jeans on the golf course, even tough that what I wear the rest of the time. I think most Swedish clubs are more relaxed when it comes to clothes, maybe because they lack history like older clubs in US and Britain. In the late fall/winter I think it´s fine to play with jeans, would be ridcoulous to go around in the rain and mud in a pair of dress style pants with pleats. And to be honest the rainwear is really not so stylish. A pair of well designed denim pants from Armani is way more classy than a pair of rainpants i gore tex IMHO, even though I´d problably choose the latter on a dirty golf course.

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Never have worn jeans on a course and never will. I don't even wear them on practice ranges. I grew up playing the game with my grandfather and learned to respect its traditions. Always pants (though khaki shorts are sometimes acceptable in Texas summers), belt, tucked in shirt and clean shoes. Not saying jeans are wrong. They just don't work for me.

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[quote name='msuggs' post='2165109' date='Jan 6 2010, 02:34 PM']YES! With Jockey thermal underwear if below 40 deg.

For those who say no, how do you keep warm? when it's below 45?[/quote]
Lots and lots of rubbing. :D Seriously, if it is cold enough, I wear what is called for. If it is hot enough, I wear what is called for. Whatever makes me the most comfortable while playing. No matter what the weather is, I try to dress nice and look good because that is what makes me comfortable. I don't wear jeans, but don't care who does. And believe me, the ones wearing the jeans are by far not the only ones on the course shooting like crap! Just because I dress nice does not shave strokes off of my scorecard. Every now and then, if it is 100º+, I'll untuck my shirt! :shok: I do not like to wear thermals even in the cold, but will if I absolutely must, because if the course is open, I'll wear whatever it takes.

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Jeans are allowed on our course but hardly anyone wears them because most folks just don't think its right for golf, I don't wear them because my jeans cost £60, my golf pants (black pleated or flat dress trousers) cost between £6 and £15 from Asda.........Infact thinking about it you can get a pair of smart pants £6, polo shirt £3, and a nice jumper £6 from Asda (UK Walmart BTW), adds up to £15 and you'll look as smart as anyone on the course.........Steve

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Jeans on a golf course = Fail....first off who is really playing golf when its below 45? thats really cold golfing weather...if it came down to that there is plenty of thermal/cold gear golf slacks ,rainpants and windbreak type pants out there for one to wear. Just never felt comfortable wearing jeans on the course...and i wear tight skater jeans ;) .................JK!

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I always wear dress pants on the course, from time to time I will wear shorts when I go to the range.

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[quote name='grlichti' date='18 November 2009 - 01:26 PM' timestamp='1258572403' post='2071696']
[quote name='Emm' post='1307495' date='Oct 26 2008, 09:38 AM']Its not a gentlemans games, its a sport, thats pretty much it, so many people try to link it to the past and these are the ones that come up with stupid rules about socks, tailored shorts, trousers, and besides, wearing trousers has nothing to do with whether I say please and thankyou, or hold a door open?

"Respect the game and its traditions."
I respect some players and enjoy the game, but I really don't care for the stuffy club house traditions. If you want to keep the hundreds of years old traditions get out your tweed cap and Plus Fours, but people don't often simply because times change...[/quote]

I disagree. It is the tradition that keep it what it is. Once you begin to tear down the rules and traditions things change. And normally not for the better. Golf is what it is. Sure, changes like allowing minorities to play is for the better. But the first stop after jeans is relaxing attitudes about ettiquette. Then honor. Soon enough you wind up with a guy in wife beater and jeans yelling and hollering, not fixing divots and cheating.

It is not exactly a precise measurement, but why is it that when Golf Digest does a secret survey of courses the more exclusive the course the fewer ball marks and better raked bunkers?[i] (In order, from best to worst were Private, semi private, "exclsuive" public and then munys)[/i] Because the standards at the higher calber courses not only attract a better caliber of player [i](and not necessarily score wise either),[/i] but also due to a certain peer pressure, push others to act properly even if they are not so naturally inclined.

It is quite similar to the way neighborhood specific crime dropped in New York when Guliani fixed broken windows and got rid of graffitti. [i](That example has been proven in other more scientific conditions as well).[/i] Sloth begets sloth and vice versa. Another example, how many of you out there play better when teamed with a better player versus playing with hacks? Why? It raises your standards regardless of reason.

But I could be wrong, maybe what golf needs is a good case of the "white/black/yellow/brown trash" so it could attain the high moral standards of so many other professional sports. Just what golf needs is to make John Daly the norm and throw in Blake Moore as the status quo. Maybe we could have some brawls spilling into the stands over a camera click for Sky Sports/ESPN to show. Can't you just see Tiger giving a "Liverpool Kiss" to some camera wielding fan? Instead of a Barron "sacrificial lamb" we could have yearly Barry Bonds-like drug scandals. Instead of a Steve Williams/Philly Mac one-week long war of words, we could have some nice rape/bar shooting/assault charges.

Ah yes, by all means, let us begin to relax the standards of golf so it can live "up" to standards of othe r professional sports. Now, where did I put my Lucky jeans...

[quote name='grlichti' date='18 November 2009 - 01:37 PM' timestamp='1258573054' post='2071723']
[quote name='cherokee8215' post='2064406' date='Nov 14 2009, 04:07 PM']At my club there are a couple of early 20's toolbags who think that they are quasi-professional (handicaps are probably in the 3 to 7 range, hit the ball a mile but no short game control) and wear long pants at all times. I assume because they think it makes them look "cool" and professional-like. The one guy goes as far as to wear black pants (with white belt of course) in the middle of July, 90 degrees and high humidity.[/quote]

In a hot climate the only time shorts are cooler in hot weather, especially over several hours, is in the shade or maybe high humidity. If you are in the sun, long natural fiber clothes keep you much cooler. Not to mention protect you from the sun. So you can have loose fitting cotten pants or you can cover yourself in nice sticky high spf lotion or you can sun burn. Granted, color makes a difference and I wear only light colors in summer. I save the dark colors for cool winter days. But why does them dressing nice (which in no way effects you) make them out to be tools?

Based on your 30's going on 80's comment I would have figured you to not care at all that they dress nice. In fact, I agree with you completely about your Ruth Cris comment. I fly all the time and I see people in airports that are wearing stuff I would be embarrassed to answer the freaking doorbell in! If somebody likes to dress nice on a course, how is that somehow bad compared to the slob, regardless of scores posted?

But nothing says "good time party" like some nice shorts on a pair of spindly man legs topped off with some golf shoes. OOH baby! :partytime2:

[quote name='grlichti' date='20 November 2009 - 10:17 AM' timestamp='1258733832' post='2075422']
[quote name='cherokee8215' post='2074813' date='Nov 19 2009, 08:48 PM']They aren't tools because they dress nice - I actually respect them for that - but they are tools because of arrogance and thinking they are "pros" when they aren't. At least in my area, the only golfers that really wear long pants in the middle of the summer (other than folks with artificial legs or other visible medical issues) are club/tour pros, or people who think they are/want to be one of them.[/quote]

I am not trying to start a big debate with you, really. Not that disagreeing with somebody matters. Hell, most friends debate and give each other crap over one thing or another. But I find it interesting that you could say what you say above. The crux of the issue seems to be that unless you dress like everybody else or have an overriding reason not to, then one must be a "tool". I am a giant "effing" tool then. I admit it. I wear long pants 80-90% of the time and do not follow everyone else.

I am not arrogant... I have faults like everyone. I have no delusions about ever being a pro, though I wish I would have taken up golf at an early enough age to at least have tried, but I didn't. Sometimes I wear shorts when I feel like it and weather is appropriate. Maybe the hazard of being married to a woman from Milan is I focus more on my appearance. To each their own.

As an aside, I wonder how often Ben Hogan wore shorts? Fort Worth summers are hot. Bobby Jones as well in those steamy Atlanta summers. Nah, can't see it. But in those days everybody was a "tool" and dressed nice even the wannabe spectators.

I will not change my way of dress simply because some narrow-minded person might think I am a tool because I did not buy my clothes from the same page of catalog as they did. I figure if somebody is that superficial then they will always find something to despise me for. The size or color of my bag [i](remember that forum?),[/i] my clubs, my car, how I chew my food, whatever...

A bit surprised from you, though. In the states WAY too many people dress like bums. I would have figured you would dress more in tune with your beliefs rather than going with the crowd. Not trying to sound harsh and you likely are a decent sort as most on this forum generally appear to be. I just found the inconsistencies in your statements interesting and was curious about them. I guess a lot of others look at how I dress and think I am a d--k instead of paying attention to how I conduct myself and treat others. Bummer.
Let me see if i can get this right. You belittle folks for wearing jeans on the course, and judge their character based on this, but do not want to be belittled for your choice of clothing? It is perfectly ok for you to trash someone for what they wear, but whatever you wear is perfectly fine? Did I get that right?

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