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Scotty Gilbert's Bag of spanners!

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Set for 2006 (honest!)
Hi guys,

Been a long termer at 'another' site until I found this place.....very much happier with the non-commercial influenced and unbiassed information - its great!!

I keep telling my friends about it, and Im sure there are a good few on here too :)

Anyway, onto the important stuff:

Currently playing a J33R 460 8.5* with the stock NV65 stiff. This shaft plays rather stiff in this head, or maybe its just the lack of backspin the head produces, but I have to wallop it to get anywhere near good results ;)

When I happen to swing at the optimum speed (est around 110-115, whereas Im comfy at 100) it goes like stink....very, very long. Doesnt balloon, and roll forever.
Definately too little spin, and too little loft. Maybe a 10.5* might work, but Im not going to bother......

My friend is in Orlando until the weekend, and I asked him to pick up a 905R for me! :cheesy:

Cant wait for that!

I happened to give a 9.5* 905T with the NV a try last weekend, just to see if it was the shaft or the head on the Bridgestone....its definately the head!
I could load the NV nicely, the extra spin from the T head launched so much better. Little higher, still no ballooning, but much easier to hit.
Ive asked for a 905R in 9.5* with the UST V2 in stiff. Thought Id give that a go, if its no use, ill pick up an NV and reshaft it.

Have been playing a 15* Cally BB2004 for over a year now. I got it from my Pro, and its a tour version as it has no serial! Square face, no bias, shaft wasnt too hot though - Cally RCH 80 Tour Stiff. 80g, high kick, feels quite stiff in the tip....not for me. Put up with it last year, as my swing wasnt really giving me much confidence.
However, I pulled it recently and stuck a Harmon FZ stiff flex in it. Apparently this plays like the NV65s....strange that a shaft so light (69g) should work in a fairway - but it seems to so far.....

Sonartec MD 2i / 5wd 19*. Still has the stock irod in it, and everytime it misbehaves slighty, it makes up for it by pulling me out of a hole!! Has saved me a lot of shots, and has been a long termer in the bag - almost 2 years!
Only thing I may consider is trying a 904HB, but not in any hurry for that.

Fell in love with a retail set of 300 forged - again, been in the bag for 2 years. Really soft, nice and firm, but resonsive. Good crack at impact, and you know when youve missed the middle!!
I have 2-9 iron at the moment, and use the 2 on links courses in place of the sonartec.

Got them from the same Pro I got the Cally from, thought they were going to be tour issues for a while, but unfortunately there is a serial on the 5 iron :tongue:
Nevermind, they are still a hot set of irons - just ask Freddie Couples!!
They also have factory fitted DGS300s which wasnt an option originally so that was a nice bonus.

This is where my game could improve big style....
I have a Chrome 248-06, a 252-08 in oil can, and a couple of 58* spin milleds - one 8* bounce, the other 12*
Im unconvinced by the 48* it feels very head heavy, and Im struggling to make good use of it...so may go back to the 300 forged PW.
The 52* is also underperforming....used to be my 100 yard club. Just stand up and hit it. Little bit of check and it was always close.
Pretty sweet round 50-80 yards too.
Has lost its shine......

I found a 258-08 last summer and it is a very nice wedge. Love the grooves - will sacrifice a couple of balls a round to have that amount of control. Got it bent a degree flat and now it fits me perfect.

I have been playing a lot over the winter, and found I could do with a little more bounce in some cases. Bunkers, heavy rough...
So I picked up a 258-12 yesterday.
I put an M grind on it!
Got inspired by Mr Kwok's grinding post.....and took to the spin milled.

Already did some heel and toe relief on my 52* so it wasnt the first attempt.... pics below.
Couple of stray marks on the sole, but I cant see there!! ha ha!!

One of Tom Slighter's fantastic Tacoma's
33" long, 350g head. "Scotty Gilbert" on the bumpers, light stampings on the sole and cavity. Nice and simple.
Have tried other putters in the year since I got this, but always go back to the slighter....just a money putter!!

Sorry for the rambling post, thought Id get as much info as I could remember...Im sure Ill add more (as I change clubs, shafts, etc!)

Thanks for looking ;)
Scott :cry:

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Really nice, great reviews.

[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Head Golf Professional @ Peninsula Golf Resort, KY[/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Srixon & UST Mamiya Staff Member[/font]

[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Srixon Z565 9.5*, UST Mamiya Elements Prototype 7F5T[/font]
[font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Srixon ZF65 15. UST Mamiya ATTAS T2 8X[/font]
[font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Srixon U45 19*, UST Mamiya iRod 85F5[/font]
[font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Srixon Z765 3-PW. UST Mamiya Recoil Prototype 125 F5[/font]
[font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Titleist Vokey TVD 52/58 M-Grind, UST Mamiya Wedge Proto F5[/font]
[font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2, Frequency Filter shaft[/font]

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Thanks guys! :)


So happy I found the site.


Cannot wait to hit my 905R! I just hope my friend can manage to get hold of one for me.

They dont get released over here until after the Masters - dont think I can wait (or continue hitting the J33R so bad!) until then!


The Slighter is wonderful. I played Muirfield a month ago, and holed some seriously good putts (modest as ever!) pretty slick greens too....


Added some more pics of the M grind.

I lost 5 grams of head weight, have got lead tape there just now, but will replace with a tip weight once I get hold of some.



Scott :tongue:





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Very nice set-up Scotty G. Very respectable bag that looks like it would produce some nice results (both drivers seem popular among you righty-folk). 'Smatter fact, I tend to respect most bags I can't play--fyi, the BB2004, MD, and Vokey's are all available for lefties, so I highly recommend switching all them out. :tongue:


I would also recommend beating a couple buckets with your 58's to take some of the bite out. Shouldn't take too much spin off, but might save you a ball or two per round. That, and nothing beats going back to the range and recognizing a friendly smile that you imparted on a ball on a previous visit. ;)


At any rate, welcome to Golfwrx. We're pleased as punch that you enjoy it here, just remember . . . there's no room here for modesty. If you drained some seriously good putts on some pretty slick greens, you let us know about . . . nevermind, looks like you've already done that. ;) You'll fit in just fine. :)



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Nice setup. Love the Slighter...

Callaway GBB Epic 10.5* - HZRDUS 5.5

Callaway GBB Epic 15* - HZRDUS 6.0

Adams Idea Pro 18* - Proto 80-S
Adams Idea A7 22* - Axivcore 85 S

Nike Pro Combo OS: 5-PW - Rifle 5.5

TaylorMade MG Hi-Toe 52* & 58* Big Foot - HI-REV 2.0
Yes! Callie

Vice Golf Tour

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