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2 wedge vs. 3 wedge set


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(54 & 60) VS. (52 & 56 & 60)
what set up you play?

I've been playing 54&60 for last couple years, and these days i'm thinking of switching to 3 wedge set hoping to shave some stokes from them...
my 54 hasn't been very helpful for last few months... especially in the bunkers..

so if you play one or the other, can you please give some pro or cons ?

thanks in advance
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I used to play a 52, 56, 60 wedge set...since I use a 60 for almost all of my bunker shots, the other two rarely got used...56 was too little for 100 yards and 52 was too much. I just switched to 54, 60 and now I have my 100 yard club. I was also having consistancy issues with the 52 and 56 and switching to a 54 made things a little easier.

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I think most people consider their PW as more of a 10 iron than a true wedge. Mine has 47* of loft, it's a 10 iron.


Yeah, I also go with the old, if it looks like an iron . . . then it probably is an iron.


I play PW (47*) which i carry 125 easy and can make a 3/4 swing to get 115.


54* SW goes 100 on a full swing, I can step on it it make it go 105 or 3/4 swing for 85-90. My favorite shot with this club is the dead handed 75 yarder, it comes in low with a lot of spin.


60* L wedge goes 80 yards on a full swing, though it's hardly used for that purpose.

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i think it depends on your pitching wedge too. you don't want to leave to big of a gap in your wedges. i play a 47* pitching wedge and originally played a 54*/60* setup, but started to mess around with different setups and no my typical setup is 53*/58* (nike forged wedges) or 52*/58* (titliest vokey oil can). i find the 53*/52* works better as a gap wedge/ and short pitches chips. also good for longer bunker shots or uphill lies. the 58* is great from the bunker, green side rough and high flop shots.


i think you really need to decide what shots you need and what club can do that. i think part of golf is being able to be creative with your shots and able to use one club for more than one type of shot. i also think its about feel with full, 3/4, 2/3, 1/2, 1/3 adn 1/4 shots, long slow swings, and short quick swings. too many wedges and you have clubs that are there for one shot. you've already got two of those, the driver and putter.

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I went from four wedges to three then back again. I consider the wedges to be the strong suit of my game and like versatility of having four wedges in the bag. My creativity isn't stifled, if anything I have an even larger arsenal with me to handle whatever trouble I find myself in. My wedges are 47, 51, 56 and 60. All with low bounce and a variety of grinds.

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I recently went back to 3 wedges (51/56/60) after carrying a 51 and 60 for 2 years (like others here I consider my strong lofted PW a short iron). My ability to get up and down from bunkers suffered for lack of a standard SW loft/bounce. From 100 yards and in my 51 degree gets probably 80%-90% of the shots with the 56 almost exclusively a bunker club and my 60 a short range trouble club when the only way to get it reasonably close is a high soft shot. There are rounds where I don't need either the 56 or 60 but to me it's worth making space for them because the most frustrating thing in golf is not getting at least to the middle of a green from 100 yards and in.

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I currently play a 47* (or 46*) PW along with a 50, 54, 58. i like to hit a lot of knock down and trap shots with the wedges thus I do not hit many full shots with them. I think the next time I buy wedges I am going to go with only three total. My thought is to get a 48, 53, 58. This should work perfect since my X-tour 9I is 43*.

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I recently went from a 3-wedge system to a 4-wedge system, to only go back to the 3!


I carry a 52* and a 58*. My 52 is 105 full, and I use it to chip, pitch and on many soft approaches. my 58 is perfect for short pitches and from 75 on full swings.


I found that I wasnt doing the analysis-paralysis thing when approaching a wedge shot. I just had my coach mention that is was best to know how to work both wedges in a variety of situations. In other words, practice!


I have a Hard, Full, easy and soft swing with each wedge. That takes care of any gap I had in the wedges. It dropped at least a shot or two from my hcp. I go low when the putters on and the driver keeps me out of trouble. With my new R, the latter is taken care of.....Now, that darn putter........

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I play (essentially) a 4 wedge - 1 system :crazy:


PW - 45*

AW - 50 *

SW - 56*


And I've taken the 60* lob out of the bag (maybe I should start carrying 2 drivers like Phil) :idhitit:


Anyway, I like the spacing I have...and I just don't hit the 60* consistently (and have taken it out of the bag to avoid the desire to play the "miracle flop")


So (essentially) I'm an advocate of the 4 wedge system--and given the choice, I'll always take an extra wedge rather than an extra fairway wood/hybrid.

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I used to play 3 wedges (4 counting a PW) and have since switched to 2 wedges (3 counting PW). I was only using my 60 and 52 degree (the 60 degree the most). I just found that it was just one extra club taking up a place in my bag. So i took it out and replaced it with a 3 iron. Best move i've ever made to be honest. it has actually made my game more versatile because i need to make more kinda of shots with only two clubs.



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At the beginning of the year I was hung up on going 52/58 and 50/54/58 (to go along with a 46* PW). I wound up going with the 50/54/58 route and was actually unhappy with it the first couple of rounds. I was thinking it would have been better to have less choices to make decision making easier. That would have allowed me to play quicker and (hopefully) be more able to commit to shots. I also felt that with 1/2 swings and 3/4 swings I would be more versatile and that I would not be missing anything.


But I had the 4 wedges and after my last couple of rounds I am VERY happy with where I stand today. The 58* for out of the sand or rough when I am close and there is not much green to work with and the 50* for full shots right around 100 yards and for longer chips from the fringe. The 54* though is definitly the workhorse of the bunch. From the sand most of the time and from most intermediate pitches w/in 100 yards.


I really like how Lee summarized it:

If you go with a 3 wedge system there is a gap in your short game and with the 4 wedge systme there is a gap in your long game. Where you decide to have the gap depends on your game.
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I have a PW, 54* Sand and a 60* Lob. Bringing in another wedge just confuses my choices from inside 100 yards.

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:D surprised at that some people even have their PW at 45 degree. mine's 47(nike blade bent 2 degree strong)



for some people who practices often for their short game, having 54 and 60 might be enough. but for some people who only get to hit the wedge on a course,,, having to adjust your swing between 110 yards and 60 yards(that's my range with 54) can be hard...


i'm hoping to use


52 - 100~ 120


56 - 80~100


60 - 60~80


of course, working with the wind, lie, etc will also play effect on real shots.. but i like having some standards that i start with to judge :stop:

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I always used to play with a 54* and 60* but recently I have changed to a 51* 56* 60* setup. I feel that the 3 wedge setup gives me more versatility and options (for example: low spinner or high flop shot).


51* - 110-115

56* - 95-100

60* - 60-70


I usually use the 56* the most with pitching, chipping, and sand shots. Rarely use the 60* for full shots mainly used for flop shots or short side bunkers when I need to get it up and stop it quick.

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I have my stock P with my set (47*) and the 3 wedge "system" 52,56,60. I almost exclusively use the 56 except in dire situations which call for a 52 or 60. I find the long game doesnt need quite as many clubs, considering how many variables there are in long game distance, its unnecsary to have to choose between a 3 wood, 2 iron hybrid wood, and a 3 iron utility. Pull out a three iron, leave it a little short, and chip it close, rather than going over the green into the water because you over shot it by 10 yards. But whatever your strengths are, play by that.

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This year I'm going with PW -47, GW -51, SW -56, LW -60.

I think that gives me plenty of options, can always take one out depending on course and conditions.

I'm kind of of old school, today's pitching wedge is really a 9 iron in my head.

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The setup I use is my PW, 56 and 60. If you feel comfortable with 3/4 shots then don't bother with the gap wedge. Also depending on the course you play you could throw in a hybrid or fairway wood instead of the extra wedge or vice versa. Try to figure out what will get used more during your round. One other thing to mention is that a gap wedge is amazing for bump and runs. Hope this advice helped out

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All I do is practice my short game in my back yard and becuase of this I have learned a real variety of shots with the same club so I actually have dropped the sand wedge and now go 52 and 58. I think this is a great combo and cuts down on my choices. PLus in my mind, the 52 works well out of shallow bunkers and the 58 for steeper ones. just my thoughts.


If you're good with a wedge and can hit flops etc, I think PW, GW, LW is a great setup

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