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Curing a Slice/Learning to Swing From the Inside

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So this is my major problem. And i'd like to get some good suggestions/tips/fundamentals.


I'm using my left shoulder (i'm a lefty, it's my back shoulder) on the downswing, and I think that its causing me to come over the top and have a slice. On my short irons I usually hit a soft little fade that doesn't have too much right to left (slicing movement) on it. On my mid irons (5 iron), I have more of a fade, but not too bad where i'm slicing it out of bounds or anything. But on my long irons, hybrids, and woods I often have a bad slice, which is worst of course on my driver. I also hook my driver randomly driving to not slice the ball.


I'm also going to try and bring a video camera to the range tomorrow, can anyone give me a quick lesson on what to look for on the tape when i'm swinging incorrectly from over the top and also when i'm swinging correctly from the inside.


I'm already taking lessons, but he is telling me to just keep my left shoulder back and i'm having trouble making myself do it.


Can anyone share what helped them learn to come from the inside and quit coming over the top?


Thank you!


Also, if anyone is a golf instructor in San Luis Obispo County or can recommend a quality one that'd be great, thanks!

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