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I like the Adila Wasabi it looks nice and it is within my price range! I dont get why people spend 300 on a shaft.

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[quote name='Golfermoney' date='28 January 2010 - 05:52 PM' timestamp='1264722753' post='2210693']
Any more info on that blue Motore Speeder?

More information has been posted on the website.




I could be wrong
I've been wrong before
I'll be wrong again
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any more info on the Matrix reign?? diiirrrrrty shaft to the looks of it.

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the wasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabi shaft is a number of years too late. Man that would have sold well a number of years ago. Hate to say it but Matrix TPHD line has grown on me, they perform pretty well with my swing so I look forward to the Reign models. I think the Diamanas will still rule the roost.

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I hit nearly all the shafts at demo day, and I thought the Nunchuk from nVentix felt the best. Very cool story on the shaft, and how it performs and works.

It's amazingly solid and feels great. The repeatability and performance were phenomenal. I can't wait for it to hit the market.

One shaft works for Driver, fairway woods, and hybrids. New tip technology that doesn't require trimming.

Looking forward to the release.

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What is the story on this shaft(Nunchuk from nVentix ), I am really interested in it but I cant find any info on it, do you guys have any intel?

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I'm playing the Nunchuk in my driver right now. Ping Rv2 10.5. I've played 4 rounds since swapping from a Diamana Blueboard 63s. The Nunchuk is far more stable and firm feeling. I'm experiencing less shot dispersion on heel and toe hits. Ball flight on well struck shots is great.

I was introduced to the shaft at the aforementioned PGA Demo Day. Here's what I remember from the tent staff:

1. The shaft is heavy. 109 gram total weight.
2. Manufactured by UST Mayima, so it is a quality piece.
3. Super butt and tip stiff.
4. Designed to control shaft lag and stablize the head.
5. Eliminates need to manipulate the club face at impact.

So far I agree with all of these sentiments. The shaft does feel heavy but not overly so. It plays lighter than that. I previously played a Blueboard 85 gram and find it to be similar in feel (the BB 63s was an experiment gone wrong for me).

Some interesting things about the shaft are that there are no flex options, and no different models. Meaning, you butt trim the shaft to the desired legnth whether is it for a driver, fairway wood, or even hybrid. They are marketing the shaft for all players from juniors to women to men. I'm a little skeptical as to how a weaker player would fare with it but they must have some numbers to back it up. My driver speed is in the 105 range, 260 carry.

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I play 909 D2 and 909 F2's (13.5 and 18.5º). I first got my driver (9.5º with Diamana Blue Board Flex-S) and then ordered the fairway woods from abroad (I live in Chile). I ordered my 3-wood with Aldila VooDoo because I had the chance of getting it without aditional waiting and my 5-wood with Diamana Blue Board.
I must say I am completely in love with my Diamana shafts, the tip is just perfectly stiff for my swing and I am able to rip both driver and 5-wood as hard as I can and still split the fairway. Meanwhile, the Aldila VooDoo is getting me in deep trouble; the tip is too soft and the tech-tunning that was done to the shaft is not made for my swing. There are two options, the clubhead comes into the ball lagging and open causing a terrible slice or the shaft releases itself too early causing a massive hook. I am assuming this only happens to me because of my personal clubhead speed and swing complexion. I would love to shift the shaft to a Diamana Blue Board, but I think the cost is not worth it. I would love to hear from any of you with any advice.
Lastly, I carry the ball about 290 yds, should I shift to an X-flex shaft? If I do, is it really going to perform as well or better as the S-flex? If I don't, what am I truly missing out on?

Thank you guys, I would really appreciate a reply.

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