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What's the worst weather or conditions you've played in?

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An Arizona Monsoon... comes down and dosen't sink in like it does everywhere else so everything floods. So lots of lightning a huge duststorm (habub or something like that) and lots of rain all at once. Oh and did I mention the wind? Good thing is that it brings the temp down from 110°F+ to around 90°F which feels like heaven to us.

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severe rain. 7th hole approach shot I pull up my wedge and what do I see right above me? lightning I throw the club back in the bag and get in the cart. no more lightning good right, wrong it is raining so hard that are cart is making a wake. well it was so wet when you walked you sunk in. no roll on the greens so I was making thin hit 3 irons stop, I'm soo skilled!!:drinks:

other then that I have played in the snow and in 115 degree heat in black shirt and black pants(recently)


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Three secenarios: freezing rain/sleet and wind at my home club last winter...crazy considering this is in the SF Bay Area. Gale force winds, driving rain, and fog that didn't really allow you to see 150 yards down the fairway at a high school tournament. 22 of the players walked off the course because they lost all their golf balls. ANd the third was rain so hard it soaked through my Zero rainsuit at a high school tournament- it was a six hour round and one kid shot a 64 with no rain gear and no umbrella.

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Ive got two times:

First was doing Regionals for high school at my home course where it was blowing 35-50 and raining the entire time. One of our par 3s, #6 - 195 yrds, was straight into the wind and driver was being used quite often to reach the green.

Second was the next year at our conference tournament, the wind was blowing a constant 55 and gusts up to 75............Long holes always seemed to be into the wind.........just wasnt a fun day.....

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I have played in one of the worst golfing conditions i have seen on or off the golf course


One day 3 friends of mine and I decided to play a quick 18 holes at a course before a tournament and it was reported to have possible tornadoes and thunderstorms later in the day. Since I live in Missouri weather is very unpredictable and on 15 the hole the very farthest from the clubhouse on foot the wind and rain started. We thought it would blow over so we played 15 anyway. On my drive, I wanted to hit a low ball to keep from the wind, but i hit it mid trajectory and it was blown around like a leaf. So we walked back to the clubhouse in huge winds and tornadoe sightings. The power was off in the clubhouse, but we stayed for a good hour watching tv and joking around, then we went back and played the last 3. What a fun day.


:( :( :(

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Two weeks ago it was a high of 45 degrees and 50 mph wind gusts. I'd say the wind was consistently 25mph. Crazy stuff, but it wasn't as bad as it sounds.


I think two years ago in Myrtle Beach in Mid March, we got into the minivan in the morning and it was 37 degrees and raining. The van's heat didn't work! We drove to the course, played two rounds, got back in the minivan at 6pm and it was 37 and raining out.

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