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2010 Accessories Part 1

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Did I miss the maker of the flag headcovers... On my third captain and Coke.

PING G410 plus   9* Tensei  AV Blue 60 gram X flex
PING G410 LST  14.5 TD AD TP 80 gram X flex
PING G410 19* Tensei CK Blue 80 gram X Flex
PING i500 4-PW w/ PX LZ 5.5 shafts
PING Forged 49*/53*/58* PX LZ 5.5 shafts
PING Sigma 2 Wolverine

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Hey All,

I did a little research and found the manufacturer of the headcovers to be MD Golf. I also found a couple of UK store websites where you can purchase them in the United Kingdom:


Not a huge selection, but it's the best I could do..


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[quote name='Tmiller72' date='31 January 2010 - 05:19 PM' timestamp='1264976392' post='2217313']
Was the dragon one a WinWin Style?

The dragon one was for Wales, UK

Nike Vapor Fly TW w/ Whiteboard
Nike VR Pro Limited 15* w/ Diamana Kai'li
Adams A7 3h w/ AXIVCore Green
Nike Vapor Fly 4i w/ AXIVCore Green
Srixon 785 5 - 8 w/ Project X Flighted
Srixon Z Forged 9 - PW w/ Project X Flighted
Cleveland RTX 4 50* 55* 60*
Nike Method 003 Oven Prototype
Srixon ZSTAR XV Tour Yellow

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Interesting fact about the Leupold GX-4. If you notice it has a yellow piece on the the front near the lens that is actually a computer chip. When the yellow piece is on the rangefinder it provides illegal information such as slope, et cetera. If you take the yellow piece off it is a conforming, legal for play, rangefinder. This is a great idea for the amateur player who may need a non-conforming rangefinder for practice rounds but a conforming rangefinder for certain competitions. It will be released in April and will change the rangefinder industry. The LED inside the scoop is red in color and is the easiest display to see on the market.

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