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One Brand Only. For Everything.


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The 'complete line' rule eliminates some pretty great companies (i.e. Scratch). I'll rank them by tier since it's mainly bias that would separate the companies within each tier (and marketing)...

1st Tier:

Ping (tight specs

2nd Tier:

Nickent (RIP)

3rd Tier:

Cleveland (only because I can't stand the name)
Mizuno (evidently I don't like 'butter')

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I would have gladly stayed all-Mizuno, which my package was when it first arrived, but their drivers are less-than par, especially for Lefties.

Nowdays, I'd probably go with Adams. Between the 9015D and the 9032LS, and their beautiful irons, hybrids & wedges...I'd love to have them from top to bottom. Their putters aren't much to write home about, but I'm sure I could find one of them playable.

If not Adams, then Titleist would come next.

Callaway Epic Flash ♦♦ w/Fujikura Fuel 60 // Callaway Epic Flash 3W w/GD Tour AD IZ-7 // Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 2H w/Diamana Blueboard //

Callaway X Forged 2018 4-PW w/PX Catalyst 100 // Callaway JAWS MD5 50* 54* 58* w/PX Catalyst 80 // Odyssey O-Works #7 Tank 38"

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Would have to be Taylor Made as I'm pretty close right now.

'08 TM TB TP driver
'10 TM R9 TP irons
33" TM Itsy Bitsy Spider
Just picked up a new TM (XFT) SW and will probably get the matching GAP and LOB
And I play the TM RED ball.

Can't see going to TM hybrids though. Doubt I'll be getting away from my Adams A4's anytime soon.

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Launcher DST 9*
Launcher DST 15*
Launcher Comp 19*
Launcher DST Hybrid 23*
CG7 Black Pearl Tour 5-PW
CG 15 Black Pearl 51* 56* 61*

Cleveland T-Frame putter 33'' or Never Compremise NCX-RAY Alpha 33"
Srixon Ball
Lamkin Crossline Red Grips

[color=#FF0000]Ping G410 LST[/color]/ [color=#800080]Ping G410 5 wood [/color] / [color=#0000CD]Ping G410 3 Hybrid*[/color]<br />[color=#40E0D0]Ping i210 4-UW [/color] / [color=#FF8C00] Titleist Vokey SM6 56* & 60*[/color]<br />[color=#EE82EE]Odyssey O-Works Black 7s [/color] /[color=#800000]Taylormade TP5x[/color]

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I would add a Superdeep and a Smoke lob wedge to my current bag and call it a day.

Taylormade SIM (9) - Tensei Pro Orange 60

Taylormade M3 T3 (14) - Tensei Pro Orange 70

Taylormade M3 5W (19) - Tensei Pro Orange 80

Srixon Z945 3-PW - DG Tour X100

Taylormade MG2 54.11 - DG Tour S400

Taylormade TP EF 60 ATV - DG Tour S400

Scotty Cameron Studio Style NP2

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It is really sad when someone says they won't even consider another brand, especially when there could be another club manufacturer out there that would better fit for their game. I'm not saying PING is a bad brand. They're a great brand, but they don't make anything I like to play with outside of an Anser putter. Whenever there's a demo-day or I'm in search for new clubs, I look everywhere. PING, Nike, Cleveland, Callaway, Cobra, Titleist, Mizuno... I spent 3 hours at the last demo day I went to. It's stupid NOT to shop around. I currently play one brand only, Titleist, but in three weeks I'll have a Cobra S2 driver. It hasn't been that way in the past. I've owned Mizunos, Taylormades, Callaways, and Clevelands most recently. I really don't stay with one ball either. At the beginning of the season I'll find one that works the best and go from there. It could be a Bridgestone, a Pro-V1, a Srixon or Taylormade. Same goes for golf shoes. If your so close minded that you think nothing else out there is for you, there is more than likely something better. Just my two cents.

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Taylormade or Callaway... both offer a variety of quality clubs that look and feel great

Titleist TSi4 8.25* / Graphite Design TOUR AD XC-7 X
TaylorMade Aero Burner TP 15° / Matrix White Tie 70-X
Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi 2i / X100 --OR-- Titleist 909F2 18.5* / Graphite Design YS 9.1 X
Bridgestone J15cb's 3-P / X100
Taylormade RAC '10' 54° / S300
Cleveland RTX4 60° / S400
Kirkland Signature KS1 34"
Bridgestone Tour BXS
Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt

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  • 1 month later...

Taylor Made...
no Cleveland....
No Taylor Made with Cleveland wedges! that is cheating I know.

OK Cleveland

Callaway Maverick Max 9*  Mitsubishi C-6 blue

TM SIM Max 15* fw  Ventus blue and Ping i20 5 wood 18*  Project X fairway woods
TM M4 (4) Atmos and TM Sim Max (5) Ventus blue hybrids 

TM M6 6-PW Fuji  Atmos  

TM M5 gap wedge 50*  XP 100 
Ping Glide 2.0 - 56 and 60 both SS grind, black dot and stock AWT 2.0  

Toulon Las Vegas H7 Stroke Lab  w/ an Iomic 65  


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[color="#0000FF"]1. Bridgestone
2. Ping
3. Mizuno

Can't trust Srixon/Cleveland with woods.[/color]

Driver: Callaway Epic Flash 10.5° Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.5 70g 
3wd: Srixon F65 10.5° Aldila Rogue Silver 110 70g 
3h & 4h Srixon Z-U85 20° & 23° Recoil 95 F4
Irons: Titleist 620CB 5-pwTT AMT Tour White S300 
Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM8 50° 56° 60° KBS TT AMT Tour White S400, bent to 51° 55° 59°
Putter: Ping Redwood Anser 34" w/Element 29 from Putter Lounge & Carbon Ringo w/Misted Stainless Steel 
Grip: Lamkin UTx
Ball: Srixon Z-Star XV
Bag: Srixon Z Stand
Shoes: 6 adidas 2 Puma (diva golfer)

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I would go with Titleist. I would like to say Adams but I have never played their wedges or their putter. I know I like all of Titleist offerings and I can't see myself using anything but Vokey wedges. I learned how to play with them and they just feel right.

Ping 425 LST 9* w/ HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 75 Small Batch 6.5 TX
PXG 0317 GEN 2  17* w/ Diamana D+ 102 X

PXG 0317 GEN 2 22* and 25* w/ Aldila Tour Blue 105 TX

Cobra Forged Tec '20 5-PW w/ Nippon Modus 3 120X
Cleveland RTX Zipcore 50*, 54* and 58* w/ Nippon Modus 125X

'21 Bettinardi Queen Bee #6

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if i had to play one brand for everything, it would prolly be Callaway or Cleveland/Srixon. tough call between the two, since i like Srixon balls a lot more than Callaway balls, but i like Callaway irons more than Cleveland irons. maybe i would go TaylorMade instead, but only if i can acquire a set of R7 XD irons. going all Wilson Staff wouldn't be bad either.

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[quote name='Radagast' date='14 April 2010 - 05:27 PM' timestamp='1271258874' post='2379365']
I was equipment shopping with a friend of mind the other day and he ended up going with a full Cleveland setup; he specifically wanted to stick with a single brand. Now he's trying to track down a Cleveland bag. Myself, I play a mix of brands and have no strong loyalties but this got me thinking.

If you had to sign on to one brands current lineup for the year and agree to use their equipment in every category (provided they offer it), what would it be? And by every category I mean all 14 clubs, bag, ball, shoes, clothing, everything. If they offer it, you play it. And what area would you be most disappointed with?


I'll go with Mizuno. I'd be very happy with everything except the clothes (middling clothing line). I was considering Cobra w/Puma until I saw their putter lineup.

I would probably go with Titleist because it is a whole bunch of trade-offs and it comes out on top.

If I use Irons as base, then it is no doubt Mizuno but I had AP2s before and they are fine irons. I currently play Mizuno wedges but still think maybe my old Vokeys were a tad better. Then there are the woods & hybrids of which I think Mizuno comes up short. Ping is best for me but Titleist current offerings are pretty good. As for putter, I have a Scotty C in the garage so that would count as Titleist. V1 & V1x & FJ gloves rounds out the complete set.

So guess in the end, for single brand: Titleist

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Another vote for Titleist.

I wish this had been done as a poll so we could see the totals by brand!
It's pretty interesting to see people's comments. One person thinks Titleists woods are their weak piont, another thinks it's their strength, etc, etc.

One thing I'm super curious about is everyone's handicap. Are the votes for Titleist, TM, Mizuno from the lower handicap players? Ping and Callaway from the higher handicappers? I'm a 3 and have Ping irons and Callie fairway woods in the bag, so no brand prejudice or snootery here, just curious.

Callaway RAZR Fit 9.5
Titleist 909F3 15.5
Nike VR-S Covert Tour #3
Mizuno MP-59
Miura Black Wedge Series 52,56,60
Bettinardi Kuchar Model 2

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I could do callaway easily. I think their putting out some awesome stuff right now.

ft tour
diablo edge fairway
x forged/prototype
x forged wedge
odyssey tour milled

that would be awesome

Titleist 910 D3 - 9.5*- PX 7B3
Nike VR LTD - 15* - Motore F3 80s
NIke VR Pro Combo- 3-PW
Scratch Raw 8620 - 54* & 58*
C&L 350 milled - 33.5" - 350g
Pro V1x

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