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Scotty Cameron or Bettinardi...center shaft?

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any out there, tour or not?
Was wondering if Scotty Cameron or Bettinardi made a center shaft, blade style putter? I'm currently putting with a 2 ball but have found that i putt better with the center shaft, after several demos of an odyssey center shaft, like ernie els had in the bag a few weeks ago. I don't want to buy at a golfsmith or anywhere like it just because i've worked at one and see how they get abused(customers and employees) in the store. Wondered if anyone had any suggestions for an SC, Bettinardi, Odyssey, center shaft @34" , tour or not(just as long as it's not been handled much) and where to purchase? thanks ya'll...

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Scotty has a couple c/s but all proto or tour. newport 2 and newport beach protos and a sergio circle t proto and a few welded necks in stainless. I have two 009's that are welded neck c/s, one in an oil can and one in chromatic blue. a005262 and a005296 in the registry. You won't go wrong with any of them.


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wow, those center shaft scotty's are gems! Unfortunately i'm a grad school student without the funds to pay for such a beauty without sacrificing books, car, meals etc for about a year.


does odyssey do any special releases, or tour models: ie like the center shaft blade white steel?


i believe this is the one ernie els was using for a while but as i recall he took it off the rack at a pro shop wherever that weeks tourney was being played...


any info or suggestions would be great, thanks ya'll



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From TKSPutters.com:


Bettinardi BB43



Bettinardi BB43 Black Thunder



Bettinardi BB50 (long putter, but can be customized. It would be very heavy)



I have 3 putters in my putter rotation and my BB43 has been 1 of the 3 for the last 5 years. It is awesome and I literally only have one left for sale on my site.

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hi guys, i am looking for a bettinardi bb43 ... does anybody know where i can get one?



Three things.....


1. Talk to the guy who's post is right above yours..tksputters...Todd is a sponsor here at Golfwrx and can probably find you one


2. Place a Want to Buy here in the GolfWRX classifieds


3. Ebay



My WITB.... [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/263-pitbull808-witb-updated-february-19-2013/"]http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/263-pitbull808-witb-updated-february-19-2013/[/url]

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