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How many sets of irons have you had?


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Sorry, now you can see all the sets
I'm an idiot. I have had a total of 67 sets of irons in my life. Attached is list of my sets, it's absolutely stupid because some of them were awsome and I got rid of them for no reason. Many were repeats like two sets of 300's and two sets of x-300 fci prototypes. When will I ever learn? My 704's I use now have been in the bag for a year and a half and I just bought a set of used Apex 99' blades. Will I use them, no probably not but it was a good deal so I bought them.

I couldn't attach them so I cut and pasted. Here they are.
Titleist 990B
Titleist 962
Titleist 690MB
Titleist 762
Titleist 704cb
Taylor Made 300 Forged
Taylor Made 300 Forged
Taylor Made x-300 FCI Prototype
Taylor Made x-300 FCI Prototype
Taylor Made Firesole Tour
Taylor Made Burner Tour
Taylor Made Tour Preferred
Taylor Made LCG
Mizuno MP-9
Mizuno MP-33
Mizuno MP-14
Mizuno T-Zoid True
Cleveland TA-3 Gunmetal
Cleveland TA-3
Cleveland TA-2
Cleveland 588 Blades
Cleveland TA-4
Cleveland 588 Blades
Ping I/3+ Blade
Ping I/3+ Blade
Ping Eye 2+
Ping Eye 2 BeCu
Ping Eye 2 BeCu
Ping S59 Blades
Ping ISI Becu
Precept Tour Premium
Precept EC603
Confidence Zoom Tour
Wilson Staff Tour Blade
Wilson Staff Tour Blade
Wilson Staff Goosenecks
Wilson Staff 76' Blades
Macgregor MT
Macgregor MT
Nickent Genex Arc Blades
Walter Hagen Blades
Walter Hagen Blades
Walter Hagen Haig Ultra
Ben Hogan Apex PC
Toney Penna Superblades
Porsche Design Blades
Ram Senators
Ram Tour Grinds
Ram Tour Grinds Nickel
Ram FX2 Forged
Golden Ram
Ram FX Oversize
Snake Eyes MB
Dunlop GT
Pro Kennex
Spalding Executive
Spalding Tour Edition
Orlimar SF302
Maxfli Austrailian Blades
Maxfli A-10 Tour Limited
KZG Blades
Callaway X-16 Pro Series
Titleist 821 Tour Grind
Taylor Made Rac MB
Stiker Competition
Taylor Made Burner Tour
Ben Hogan Apex 99'

Many of these sets I used before I knew what was good and not good. Every set was functional though. Some better than others of course. I just bought sets for the fun of it no matter how much I loved my set I was using. I still do it today.

I forgot I started this post almost a year ago. The bad part is I have not purchased any iron sets since this posting. What's wrong with me? I think I finally figured out it was to expensive is what happened.
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Well in my 6 years in the game i have had:-


1. A set of junior lynk clubs (3 wood 5, 7, 9 iron and putter)


2. A set of second hand ping zing 2 red dots (an aquired taste but nice)


2. A set of titleist 735.CMs whit DG S300 which i got about 3/4 months ago and i love them




Its a bit short of your 67 sets!





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A few sets were pawned off on friends or traded in for the next but in order:

Adams Original GTs (gift from pops, later "borrowed/kept" by pops)

Cleveland TA5s (Paid $200, lent to a friend)

Adams GT Ultimates (Paid $125, "borrowed/kept" by pops)

TM Rac MBs (Paid $600, traded in for MP 30's below 90/90 Golfsmith)

Mizuno MP 30's (traded for the MP 33's plus cash)

MP 33's (Sold for $200)

Nike Blades (Paid $380, sold for $400)

TM Forged 300's (Paid $200, lent to a different friend)

Ben Hogan Apex 50 (Paid $200, set was stolen)

Ben Hogan Apex (Paid $175, current gamers)


All that is within 6 years. I came up or even on a lot of the trades or resales of the sets, so I don't feel like I've pissed away a lot of money on equipment. I always made sure I had the cash to play anytime anywhere. Plus, I added two playing buddies who either did not have a set of irons, or wanted to learn the game and needed something to swing.


I guess I still "own" the two sets of Adams, the Cleveland TA5's, the TM 300's, and the BH Apex set, yet only the BH Apex set is at my apartment. And other than acquiring a back up set sometime later this year, that's it for me. Nothing new has caught my eye and the BH's I hit as well as I have ever hit irons. The shorter irons in the MP 33's were more accurate for me, but the longer irons in the Apex are longer and straighter. The Apex are more forgiving and have a higher trajectory than the Apex 50, in case any one was wondering.

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In almost 30 years:


No name beginner set - until I was 10

No name junior set

Power Bilt Levelume

Titleist Tour Model

Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro

Cobra Fly-Z+ Aldila UST V2
Golfsmith Jetstream 3W UST V2
Titleist 915H 3 Diamana

Titleist 915H 4 Diamana
Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro UST Recoil Dart
Titleist SM6 50F/54S/58S Aerotech SteelFiber
Cleveland HB 11S

SkyCaddie SX400

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Hey All:


Well I know that I am definitely lacking the number of sets compared to most but here goes...


My First Set: I never was interested in golf prior to this but a few years ago...more than a few years ago I bought a set of Precision Golf Cubs. They were awful clubs in hindsight. The heads of the irons were consructed of zinc. I was coming home from work after a night shift and met Arnold Palmer in passing. He was coming out of a hotel in downtown Hamilton, Ontario for the Senior PGA Tour stop that year for the Senior Canadian Open. After a 5 minute conversation I went home changed and shopped for my first set of clubs. It was a 7 piece set. I was a 5 time a year duffer then.


Second: I upgraded from those irons and got a set of Goliath. Actually they were copies of Taylormade Burner irons with the copy bubble shaft. 3-PW


Third: a set of Wilson Pro Staff irons. 3-PW. I started to really enjoy the game even though I was only going out maybe 10 times.


Fourth: a set of Jazz Golf Fat cat Flow Weighted irons 4-SW. Jazz is a OEM up here in Canada and vey little known. I bought these three years ago when I decided to give this grand game a serious shot. Best thing I could've ever done. I recently gave them away, they got me to where I am.


Current: My beloved Wilson Staff Pi5 3-PW. Where my driver and putter are always on death watch (recently I bought a new putter) these irons are going nowhere.


In total I've had five.



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In 26 yrs the following:










Taylor Made

Top Flite

Tour Edge


I will probably buy a set of Titleist and/or Mizuno's before I'm done, since I've haven't played them yet. It's all about the clubs isn't it? :friends:

Driver - Cleveland Launcher Turbo 10.5* Miyazaki 5R
Hybrid - Cleveland Halo #2 16* Miyazaki 6R
Irons - Cleveland CBX 4-PW Miyazaki 6R
Wedges - Cleveland CBX 50* & 54* Rotex
Putter - Cleveland Frontline Elevado
Ball - Srixon Z-Star
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I have to guess 30-40 in my years of golf.


I will make a list and add it to this post.


Ping Zing 2

Ping I5

Ping ISI

TaylorMade Burner Bubble

TaylorMade 300 Lehmans

TaylorMade H Grind Firesoles

TaylorMade RAC MB's

TaylorMade RAC MB TP's

TaylorMade R7 TP's

Callaway X-Forged

Callaway X-Tours

Callaway S2H2

Callaway X-12

Callaway x-12 Pro Series

Callaway X-14

Callaway X-14 Pro Series

Callaway X-16

Callaway X-16 Pro Series

Callaway Hawkeye

Cobra Pro MB

Titleist 990

Titleist 990B

Titleist 762

Titleist 762B

Titleist Tour Model

Titleist 681 ( 6 sets)

Titleist 681T ( 2 sets)

Titleist 690 CB

Titleist 690.CB

Titleist 690 MB

Titleist 690.MB

Titleist 670

Titleist 680

Titleist 695 MB

Titleist 695 CB's ( 2 sets)

Titleist 660 MB ( 2 sets)

Titleist 735

Titleist 755

Titleist Z Blends

Titleist 822 OS

Titleist AP-2

Tourstage X-Blades

Hogan Apex Tour

Scratch Tour Blades

Nike Forged Blades

Mizuno MP-62



This is all i can remember at this time, that totals ( 55 ) .

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Taylor Made LCG*

Callaway X-14

Yonex Rekin Super 10 Tour

Ping I3 O-Size*

MacGregor VIP 1025c*

Callaway X-14

Ping I3+*

Ben Hogan FTX*

Titleist 804os*

Ping G2*

Taylor Made Rac MB Japanese*

Ping Zing2*


That's my list. I have never hit the Racs. Wish I had kept the Yonex. The ones with asterisks I still own. Three of the ones I have are out on loan. I guess It's better than wasting my money on drugs.

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my uncle made my first set out of old cast blade clubheads, not sure what the name was "Walter" something or other (not Hagen) and arthritic grips. I used those (same set of grips) for about 10 years. Lost the 8 iron at some point...still have the rest in the basement.


Tommy Armour 845's DG S300 ($150, used from my college roommate)

Tommy Armour EVO V-25 TRi-G S ($650, on-course pro-shop)

Titleist 670's PX 6.5 ($550, used on eBay)

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I have bought and then later traded off most of these sets. The last three I still own. If I had to pick one set I would want back, it would be my X-14s. They are sooo easy to hit...


Dunlop starter set

Callaway X-14

Callaway X-14 Pro Series

Nike Pro Combo

Taylormade TB Combo irons

Titleist 690.MB

Mizuno Mp32

Titleist 690.Cb

Mizuno MP32

Mizuno MP60

Titleist 704s

Titleist 735.CM



I am probably going to trade my MP 60s for another set of MP 32s. I am not real thrilled with my 60s...

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Hmm... I won't remember them all.


Wilson Staff (oldies)

Ping Eye 2 knock-offs

Ping Eye 2

Callaway X-12 Pro Series

Callaway X-14 Pro Series (2 sets)

Callaway X-16 Pro Series (2 sets)

Callaway X-18 Pro Series

Callaway X Tour (3 sets)

Mizuno MP-33 (3 sets)

Mizuno MP-14 (2 sets)

Mizuno MP-29 (2 sets)

Mizuno MP-37

Mizuno T-Zoid

KZG Forged Blades (2 sets)

KZG ZO Blades (2 sets)

Nike Blades (2 sets)

Titleist 681

Titleist 670

Some Powerbuilt set

Hogan Apex Edge

Hogan Apex Pro



I would just wander from set to set, constantly trading, buying or selling. Still do, I guess... Sometimes I would try the same type of set but with different shafts, comparing the two side by side.

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First was a half set of Confidence lady irons (as a kid),

then I got a half set of Go Mens irons.

After that, I got a full set of Callaway Big Bertha 2002 iron set (which my father did not want). I used them till last week.

I "just" bought a set of Titleist 690.MB (through this forum).


So that makes it 4 sets of irons (all of them necessary I think, maybe apart from the blades :friends: )

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Started playing mid July 2005. In this time I had/ have 3 iron sets. First were MX-17 (playing them for a month and then getting the MX-23 with my father playing the MX-17.) Then as mentioned the MX-23, after this since 3 weeks the 735CM (with my father now playing MX-23 and selling the 17's for about 150 dollars...) I'm not planning to replace this set of irons because they are really good, mosty the short irons.

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Since '92..........


Make Model/Year purchased/Condition



+Dunlop Specials bought used in '92, not sure of the model but it was something from a discount store.


{Joined a Country Club during early 1997 and started playing golf monthly}

+Callaway Hawkeye Clones - '99 NEW

+Wilson Staff FG53 - 2000 USED, my blade experiment.

+Ben Hogan Apex Edge - 2001 NEW but got them for half of what pro shops were selling them for.

{Joined an upscale (for this area) Country Club February of 05, started playing on a weekly basis}

+PING S59 Tour and Eye 2 Combo set - August 2005

+PING Eye2 January 06 to present.


Seems like I am leaving out a set or two.

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Not that many. Here's my list (played golf since 1996)


Current Sets:

Tourstage Z101

Bridgestone J33 Combos (backups)


Previous sets:

Clones (1st set)

Callaway Big Bertha 1995 (played these for 5 years, was a good set of sticks)

Callaway X-14 (didn't like the shafts, sold 'em for……..)

Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro (awesome clubs)

MacGregor 1025CM (were a backup/rotation set)

Titleist 690 CB (won in a contest, sold 'em)

Tourstage Z101 (sold this set, like an idiot)

Tourstage Z101 (I was not happy with the condition, sold 'em)

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Let's see, to name a few I can remember:




Cougar starter set


Tommy Armour SS 845


MacGregor Tourney CBs




Srixon 302


KZG Forged CB II


Mizuno MP 32


MacGregor 1025 CM & C


Bridgestone J33 Combo


BH Apex Edge Pro


Snake Eyes 600C


Mizuno MX 23


Titleist 704.CB


Bridgestone J33 CBs




I've been playing for 16 yrs. and played with the Armour Silver Scot 845s for 10 years. Once I changed, the madness began and still going. :friends: :idhitit:

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Some of you guys have a serious problem :idhitit:


Here are mine in order.


Wilson Staff Blade (Cut Downs)

Palm Springs CB's - Nasty Grooves, like Spin Milled's

Taylor Made TP's

Ping Eye 2 BeCu

Mizuno MP-29

Mizuno Pro-II

Titleist 681 (Custom Grind)

Titleist 690MB (No Dot)

Titleist 670

Titleist 695MB

Titleist 695CB


I haven't gotten the bug like some around here. :friends:

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jrglfr7 and JHR.... I'm not positive but I think there's a 12 step program you guys can sign up for....

41 and 67?? Wow! Thats a lot of clubs :idhitit:



Ping S59

Cleveland TA5

Hogan Apex

Ping Eye

Wilson Staff blades (too long ago to remember much about them other than the fact I was 14, they had the sweet spot the size of a dime and my hands hurt at the end of every round)


5 set? I think I better go shopping.



Callaway RAZR Fit 9.5
Titleist 909F3 15.5
Nike VR-S Covert Tour #3
Mizuno MP-59
Miura Black Wedge Series 52,56,60
Bettinardi Kuchar Model 2

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