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Russ757... Back in the 757...

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lol you mean the one I almost / should have bought. Im kicking myself now.


**edit just PMd him lol




anyways.. ya back onboard the Abraham Lincoln and she is keeping me very very busy. Im also growing up so id rather see my portfolio grow than my credit card balance.



The F7 has been good, really good. Im keeping my eye for another baffler head to play at 19 along with the 16. I have the clamshell paired up with the fubuki 85 ax and i cant even get it near the bag.


I was really set with the ztx 2s but I could NOT pass up price for the combo.

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Glad to see you are back. I appreciate your shaft reviews, and your Srixon posts helped convert me.

And newest additions.

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Pretty much as she sits. I need to clean up some paint and satinized them, but hey.. thats what winter is for. Notice the empty spot for the U65 20* thats coming. Going to bend it to 22* and use it off the tee. Initially playing with the RTX4s, and loving them.. esp the low bounce 60*



This is also the last season with this bag. Shes done well and will make deployment with me in the spring but once we get back.. .

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Love the orange

that milled putter is sweet, I have the one with the red on the bottom. Surprised the lime hasn't been paint filled

Ping G400 Max 10.5* Fubuki K 60x

Ping G400 5w 16.5* Blueboard 63x
Ping G400 7w 19.5* Blueboard 73x
Apex '16 4h 23* Fubuki ax400h 82x

Callaway CF16 5-PW XP95 x100

Callaway Forged Copper 50* s400

Vokey SM6 Brushed Cu 54*m & 58*m s400
Vokey Oilcan SM2 64* s400
Piretti Matera Elite


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Just saw earlier...pulled in there for a few days last deployment. Didn’t leave the compound but heard the hotels weren’t terrible. Good luck and stay safe.

G 9 HC HZRDUS Yellow 6.5
TS2 S+ 80x
915f P95x
919 Tour 4-P KBS Tour 130
VR Forged 52/56/60 S400
O Works 3T

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One sharp bag with that orange and black. Old Power Bilt colors or Harley Davidson colors depends on how you interpret it. Around here it would be Clemson University colors which ain't nothing wrong with either.

Driver--- Honma G1-X Stock R shaft FW Adams Tight Lies 16* Mitsu Diamana FW 7 woodTM V- Steel 21* Stock TM R Irons 3 thru PW 1980 Macgregor VIP Hogan #2 Apex Shafts SW- Clevaland 588 56* Sensicore S-400 LW Cleveland 588 60* Sensicore S-400 Putter 1997 Cameron Santa FE rusty as heck Bulls Eye Satin fluted shaft Bags- Old School Burton mini staff non logo or Jones Classic

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