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Cameron - Serial Number on Shaft?

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I purchased an original Cameron (Futura Mallet 2) in a non traditional length and weight (33" D0 Swingweight). This putter, according to his site, is not made. There is a serial number just below the grip on the shaft. There is also a spec label on the putter that shows length/loft/lie/Swingweight. It says "Custom Built - Scott Cameron Putter".


What is your guess of the origin of this putter?


The seller did not adequately answer my question.




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The Circa #1 I just got also has a serial number on the shaft.

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There is nothing rare about the putter, givin that it is a 33" it was merely a custom order, much as the detours can be done currently. I have a Detour that has wrote on in sharpie the specs that i play givin i don't play standard cameron specs (34.25, 70*, 340g), same with my studio style np2 and circa 62 #3. When you order a cameron thru titliest you can get them set up per your spec, just to the best of my knowledge not change the clubhead weight or adjust the length more than a half inch one way or othe other. As far as the serial number goes again not uncommon on OTR Cameron putters. Enjoy it for what it is a solid gamer.

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