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Cameron custom shop capabilities?

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Will the custom shop alter a circle t or tour putter? and to what extent? There is so little pimpability offered on the web sight. I am interested in having my newport 2 "beached" does anyone know if they will do that ? Thanks



They won't beach it. The only thing they'll do is what's offered on their website...sight line, sight dot, intials and custom shop stamps.

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Tour putters they wont do anything to other than refinish, i have read on the site that scotty says that it every tour putter was made to how he wanted it or the player wanted it so he wont change it

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send it to tom slighter, he'll do pretty much anything you can think up.


I don't think I would send a Circle T putter to Tom because it would decrease value. Alteration work done outside the studio.


Call or email is your best bet for the absolute answer. Its weird because you hear different stories. Don't know of its who you talk to, time of day, etc. You can get different answers from them.

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They will not do anything to the putter outside of what is offered on the site except adjust lie to spec and length to spec. They'll paint-fill in most any color.

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Thanks for all the input. I can always count on golfwrx for answers. I think e-mailing might get me somewhere! I will let you guys know? It sometimes pays to be optomistic.

It won't get you anywhere. The people who get different answers have hookups. Like many others have said they only do what they say on the website. Unless you know someone in the studio or one of the distributors personally you will have to settle for those options.

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