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Golf Tours in Florida

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Orlando Area preferably
Hi, me and my buddy are moving down to florida just for the winter and were wondering what tours professional or amateur their are down there... like here in ontario we have the great lakes tour... I was just wondering if there were anything like that down in Florida.

Also im 18 so Im eligible for junior golf tours as well.
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He pretty much named them above. I live in Orlando and my roomate is a professional playing mini-tours and he's played in a few Pro Players Tour events. It's a new and upcoming tour so there aren't many guys that play. Maybe 10-15 per event, but the caliber of players is pretty good. I've heard that tour is big in Texas and they're trying to make it here in Florida too. He also signed up for the Hooters Winter Series. While it is fairly expensive, it's your best bet for good competition and a shot at some decent money. Moonlight's are usually OK too. I know a few guys that play those. Cheap entry fees and usually decent golf courses. You can enter pretty close to the tournament too. It's not bad for experience. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me.

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thank you, and ill be moving to the orlando area



what about Amateur tours that give out gift certificates?



I need to find a way to pay for these tournaments somehow cause I wont be working much

I don't think gift certificates will pay for tournaments

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