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Carl Lohren"s One move to better golf?

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I've read the book - my Dad had the paperback. I've used the move - gone away from it - and come back to it. I think it is most effective when it is done from a relaxed address position and is begun

Carl lohren’s you tube channel has quite a few videos....

Yes! I have the book written in the 1970's with help from Deane Beaman. It surely helped me when I first read it and I re-read it when I need to. Getting the shoulders moving like a helicopter blade is such a simple swing thought and also getting some of the other basics in the book is real simple stuff. I highly recommend this book.

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[size="3"]Thought I would share the experience I've had with "One Move to Better Golf". This was one of the first instructional books I bought when I started playing golf because of it's simple title. It is out of print but you can get a copy on Amazon. I don't remember how much it helped me at the time, primarily because I did not know that much about golf. After playing for a number of years (20), I happened to re-read the book and feel that it has had a profound affect, helping me to start my swing with one simple swing thought. I think there are two key points that the book makes that would help both novice and some advanced players. The first being the early shoulder movement (rotation), made in the right direction and at the correct angle. The shoulders should rotate at a 90 degree angle to the spine, this angle is set at address. The second and not so obvious, is the separation that happens between the upper and lower body because of starting the shoulders first. In effect you are winding the upper body against the lower body. The tension created in this back swing windup, leads to a natural unwinding of the lower body on the downswing. The arms have zero tension during the swing and are basically flung around by your body movements back and then through. This motion produces an effortless, powerful and repetitive swing. Instructor Paul Wilson (Swing Machine Golf) clearly explains the winding and unwinding on his U-tube instructional video series.[/size]

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I have the original and gen 2 ... both amazing

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