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DEC. 20 CHAT WITH TAYLORMADE (Read what TMag replied to all of your questions pg 12)


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First off. Love the look and design of RBZ. My question is. With the huge success of the R11, why was the introduction of the RBZ (not to mention the R11s) so soon. I understand the need to progess but if I just spent $400 for an R11 in 2011, the chances of me buying a RBZ or R11s are pretty slim. Do you think the sales of RBZ and R11s will support the decision for such a early release?

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Hi, Id like to know if TMaG are assuming that (for the foreseable future atleast), if they will continue to produce products with a 12 month life cycle and if so, when do they think the bubble will burst as far as the consumer wanting to keep up with the newest TM clubs. Many consumers believe the constant bringing out of new product is putting them off purchasing at the current MSRP (which means lower turnover) as they know in a year it will be cheaper and at the very least they will A) be able to try the new club to see if it is any better and B) save themself a few hundred dollars if they do decide to purchase the older model (here in New Zealand)


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Can you talk about the stock shaft options available with RBZ? And how does TaylorMade choose what stock shafts to offer? Thanks for your time.

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[list][*]Can you tell us more about the new penta ASP and how that will further allow the golfer to adjust the face angle?[*]Is there a point where gaining more distance with a fairway wood becomes counter-productive?[*]The sole of the original R11 fairway woods seems to cause many concerns with turf interactions. Has this been addressed in the new R11 fairway woods?[/list]

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I'm interested in hearing about the RBZ fwy models vs the R11 fwy model. Also interested in the direction of the R series drivers. Will there be other variants like the superdeep to the R9?

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With so many settings available for the new R11s driver, how do you ensure that the average Joe who cant make it down to THE KINGDOM, actually has a properly fit club/shaft... I know having been to the KiNGDOM i would never buy another driver without the benefit of a proper fitting/ setting up of my driver... but what about the rest of the public who doesnt have access to that and maybe doesnt know what to do with the club on their own? ever consider a quick instruction CD included with the purchase of each club?

for kicks: can i please have an RBZ 3w?.... lol. no really, please?

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Will you guarantee me 15 extra yards with the RBZ 3 wood or my money back? :)

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My questions to TaylorMade would be: What led you to picking the name and color pattern for the Rocketballz line? How many years does it take to come up with a final decision on a name and color? Also what led to TaylorMade putting the compression channel in their new line of clubs when it's already been out for a few years with Adams? Also was this NEW Rocketballz line built primarily with the though of gearing this towards a younger non traditional golfer? Thanks for the opportunity to ask you these questions.


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Question #1: Could you discuss the technology behind the compression channel and what benefits it brings the club in terms of accuracy/distance/forgiveness?

Question #2: How did you determine the price point for the Rocketballz line?

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How will spin and launch with the RBZ compare to R11s, and Burner 2.0? I love the color scheme and name! Thanks!

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How does the compression slot work and how does this differ from the spring effect of the face as per golf governing rules.

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We've seen the standard RBZ woods and irons. Can you elaborate on the performance differences the Tour models will have over the standard version? How would someone benefit from the RBZ/RBZ Tour over the R11S?

Thanks for your support of GolfWRX!

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How do the spin rates for the two RBZ drivers compare to other TM heads specifically the R11 and R9 Supertri?

Will a 13* RBZ fairway be offered?

Thanks and looking forward to testing the new product.

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My question is about distance gaps for the new RBZ FW metal. If this 3 wood is so long because you guys are out to push the envelope as far as FW C.O.R. is concerned, will the driver be equally as long? If the distance gains are true it should be as long or close to my driver as far as distance is concerned.

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I've been playing titanium fairway metals since I've gotten serious about the game. Steel doesn't feel the same to me or really have the pop that I like of the titanium. In the video it was mentioned that TM looked into the resposiveness of titanium and didn't have anything like that in a steel head. My question is this, does TM believe with the R&D of the RBZ line that titanium fairway metals will become a thing of the past or will there be a titanium RBZ line in which even more distance is achieved? Thanks for taking the time to review the question and I'm already looking forward to next Wednesday! Keep up the good work Taylormade!

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