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2012 PGA Show: TaylorMade Adidas Ashworth Pictures


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2012 PGA Show: TaylorMade Adidas Ashworth


The folks at TMag had a massive display at the PGA Merchandise Show for 2012: Rocket engine display, Major logos for 2012, a driving range with bleachers, and a surprise Thursday night VIP concert with George Throrogood and the Destroyers (look for 'Who do you love?' to be used in their new ad campaign).


NOTE: More pics added! Scroll below.


<img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/5d3a7d6447b19d9111fc8391f7ff8ee7.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/fbeae10a9ad41ea3bcea4c510096d0bd.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/640cdc72da51260f45f9c2daa82001b8.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/26e2f67753891e2a194d63218d3f5222.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/019ad00d44d8cb051b5d36b40563ba0f.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/24336c07f2a9c6a38233e230a20a0880.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/c7928fd814a82df76135af6f4636380c.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/085b44b77df030cbc5047e435088b409.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/a80e2c4932168267e532631a050a932e.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/52ee1f6ac599985bbaff8effcd0664e0.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/2fd73cd7776ea38847e19f6b0fee0070.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/92bc394c6ad897f84be11d044714acd5.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/6b25e27a11a2a0e32f5875118c29d123.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/57709da712192c9663ff83044d73017b.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/f0fe7761fe24efd5a26314334b5d74c3.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/ed9278285b6faa69e85c13854dd65017.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/9bf2dfe208d3bf0376b03efb0139df8c.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/7d37028ac04e8d7977318e069e3c3e7a.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/23a9b400648b12aa8c7e971ec79066ba.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/f3a1d101c408e4b7d2ba68250eac4dc4.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/30eee51bfafdd0c4485612c16cda0ca8.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/0dbfa22c66f1e4eedfb9bf97079a0680.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/df8cf2de894a63bb221165159036b007.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/2ef92d8b60d9bde6f1123a05760d3a88.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/bf201ebb373370fe7e9a6736b79d5cf0.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/d77ec4a1a5653bdc9af7aa1b9846bec4.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/50529cd358ab403bde186e369029aa9b.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/a197f3518bf48d41b0e686218d5676c1.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/e5591eb1b9f2094f462f6e596e1a4689.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/218fda729949b7a9d6f3818613153845.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/d452a50e07fab0529aa329992414914c.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/40c54c2bd9fe2e431ebee4ec6aa979b6.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/312925090cce6e86f56e38b4e4a5bfa7.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/876732696fd3eedcfec4ea3ff975612b.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/2ae275031cd77e0e4406f2e9c038e3ea.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/9a0e7ed7d55d089eb6788c978f75bd0f.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/fdd0aa6cf414e2cdb9a76a53c2714926.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/f9cf2c0de592c8c83daa0af7528571ae.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/237a92492c0f26f5d6b93b3b13b60e24.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/f28bbf165ef79f8759f7ed765cc7381e.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/5350c8c4d618faf916812c238cbec67a.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/c622a1722491ecac2c086e1e20f4dcec.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/a8932352eab9f00e08a8761b48ff95a2.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/597d155ada7ad693937b071e2b08604a.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/e6b6bb97b20bffd111bb7386f0ac400f.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/9a45257aac39b1416a8dab5132c16262.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/92a4c618e0c72dd38748fbb9d27ecbc8.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/b9f049370a96d0ba32c8768a7bf916c1.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/932883435126f1597d0c70aad4461d3f.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/818ce2e7e1fb8ca823c806ce795be10a.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/b3e72adef3ffb014ac70bc98815736e1.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/0c7bd576f2b75ed24e2fcf5a9e60159d.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/04ab13ab8a981e559407e57e3f1c9965.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/10dc6e447f1ea3d69f483594009034ef.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/add2cd45a6d9c642c8f6211d6906f687.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/104b957680c0714e3329fb589f5c4c9a.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/fde082f702d768e855655e1f79b83758.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/d2d75d03f2828d5c9dd7bd44dc248dcd.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/a97d8128dbb1fe320636bc523e2808e9.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/af463d824cdcbc1942a50a9352ccd054.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/7319fce687ae5015d680fa4692a42b52.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/489f21c89beb3619a361b32aff622a0f.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/508947b848af813aab0caf13b0e7bd44.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/ed96472e3aaa89a6fcc67c83483d9396.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/f94848b33d84c95e26d21043c564546a.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/f247f7cbb2fdbe75aac3772968d64f8a.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/52a7b1bc7b9809029bf2d4cc5013e6e4.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/5ce88e584dc0d93da308cbbfeb4c00f2.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/367a6166b70daf5307fd3301b6a4fc9b.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/586fb162edca6fc7ee02d274da0dabad.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/c290fbc0e90f8621cb0b4e660acabe5f.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/c4db60240bec1f424021f6473a762c1d.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/2a944ecb00a00fc1468e75b1269aaa84.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/aa481f63074937feee5e087968dc0591.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/0b917d88827d9d69cc0930703d1d113b.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/0b28c7d86d8c6e9dbbe2de179c5106ea.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/861d08c46c80a904daef21959d724fe2.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/039bf53745292bfaa84d3e2750922766.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/82649525277e3bb573ac0f74f25d1493.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/d578464d46bae51762d5d9b0e9f66a59.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/d7377d1b27425f49b54bcb832049d522.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/ecb303da7705c24e1f5222673461b4e9.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/5b064d4485acea4950d9c4a7bffb67fd.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/f2ab22d70dbc1ff43391f7559672fd27.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/1249e021b3a5bda660989410d1f6d5be.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/b022799687422314fa8ea9072d83c0f5.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/d864625dfa5a50ed1eb7aae5764cb7ac.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/e677950f1b3745af7db7d4afd2b49a3b.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/c030dfc58e243fc02ea176bb343c07b3.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/4bcedcc90a92d8867a60ea45cdf7c551.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/7cf19d720c4860bbe12df818aa936286.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/71bfa3569a91b6c5b3cef8dc64c1ea65.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/baffc979be4b3eca5f4c007f3b6d6ae1.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/44dd7e86cc48c14e50b630976f27ba49.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/4ffbdb6f72d7906a8456b3d1b9e8f3d8.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/7017ed2bb1b2858dab7f24b1455e0592.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/18df256900e03f86e06bd6621205099b.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/ee029ebdb07a0fe84ac0bdd1f5144865.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/476a4ae47d703043029905bb65bf6691.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/75490b7fcd6303301c99ee70cbdf3772.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/9f19c138ce9d8031e0a626b9e9f24bdf.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/df583f42595e3de47a7398c1635ad4f6.JPG' />

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Pretty cool stuff......not so sure about the colorful revolution though.... I personally would feel a bit like a tool if I wasn't on Tour making big bucks to wear a pink shirt, matching belt/hat and white pants..... to each their own of course.

thank you for the great pics!!!! :clapping:

Titleist TSi2 10, Fujikura Ventus Blue Velocore 6X, 45"

Titleist TSi2 16.5, Fujikura Ventus Red Velocore 7X, 43"

TaylorMade GAPR Mid 4, KBS

Titleist T100S, KBS C-Taper S+ 5-PW

Titleist SM8, 50F, 54S, 60D, TT S400 Custom 

Scotty Cameron Phantom X12, 35", Stability Tour


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I'll take some Adidas Crossflex shoes please.

PXG 0811X Gen2 9deg Driver - AD-GP 7TX
PXG 0341X Gen2 15deg Fairway - AD-GP 8TX
PXG 0311X Gen2 1 DI - KBS Prototype Graphite 95X
PXG 0311X Gen2 3 DI - KBS Prototype Graphite 95X
PXG 0311T Gen2 4-PW - Dynamic Gold X7
PXG 0311T Sugar Daddy 51 - Dynamic Gold X7
PXG 0311T Sugar Daddy 56 - Dynamic Gold X7
PXG 0311T Zulu 61 - Dynamic Gold X7
PXG Brandon H - 34.5”
PXG Operator H - 34.5”
Toulon Indianapolis - 34.5”
PXG 50/50 Staff Bag
Bridgestone Tour B X

KaBoom Baby!

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No adipures??

[font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif][b]Callaway Rogue Sub-Zero 9°[/b] Graphite Design Tour AD-GP 6s[/font]
[font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif][b]Callaway Rogue 3W-15°[/b] Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 7s[/font]
[font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif][b]Callaway Rogue 3H-19°[/b] Graphite Design Tour AD-HY 85s[/font]
[font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif][b]Mizuno MP18 MMC Fli-Hi 4 & 5 [/b]KBS C-Taper Lite S[/font]
[left][font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif][background=transparent][b]Mizuno MP18 MMC 6-PW [/b]KBS C-Taper Lite S[/background][/font][/left]
[font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif][b]Vokey Wedgeworks Custom SM7 RAW 50[/b][/font][background=transparent]° [/background][b]54° 58° [/b][font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif]Project X[/font]
[font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif][b]Scotty Cameron Custom [/b]009 Masterful [/font]
[font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif][b]Taylormade TP5X[/b][/font]

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Awesome pics Hip! Thanks for posting them! The PureMotion shoes (especially in black/red) look great! Any tour players using them yet?

Nike Covert Tour - Tensei CK White 60g

Titleist 915fd - Diamana D+ 70g

Callaway Epic Flash 7w 

Nike Vapor Fly Pro 2i

Nike VR TW Blades 5-PW, XP95 s300

Vokey Wedge 50, 54

Scotty Special Select NP2

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2012 lines look AMAZING!


PING G430 Max [10.5º] w/ Graphite Design Tour AD DI 5 Black
Titleist TSR2 [16.5º] w/ Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7
Titleist TSR2 [21º] w/ Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7
Callaway APEX '16 [23º] w/ Fujikura Atmos TS Blue 85
PING i230 [5-6-7-8-9-W-U] w/ Accra i-Steel 115
PING Glide 4.0 [54º] w/ Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 
PING Glide Pro EYE2 Toe [59º] w/ Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 
LAB B.2 w/ BGT Stability Tour 
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[quote name='HipCheck' timestamp='1327675860' post='4161533']
More coming guys! Internet connection in media center is beyond horrible.
[/quote]Thanks for the pics Rob, solid stuff! Any surprises at the show this year?

Irons: 19' Cobra CB's
Drivers: Titleist TS3 & Cobra F9
Fairway: Titleist 917F2
Hybrid: A-Grind
2 iron: Ping Rapture
Wedges: Ping Gorge 2.0 Stealth's
Putter: Evnroll 9.1
Balls: ProV1

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I have on the adicross shoes right now and they are awesome. Classic white leather that is comfortable for long days at the office. Looks great with slacks, jeans or shorts. I wouldn't say these are for the course but definitely stylish around town.

G410 LST 9* w/ Small Batch HZRDUS Green 70 6.5
G425 Max 14.5* w/ Tensei Pro Blue 80TX
818 19* w/ Tensei Pro White 90TX
TM UDI 18* w/ Tensei Pro White 100TX
0311T w/ Nippon Modus 5-PW 3 120X
SM8 50F, 54S and Wedgeworks 58V w/ Nippon Modus 125X
Tour Issue Spider Tour Black
2019 ProV1

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How can you not be BLOW AWAY but the absolute class that TaylorMade presents it's products? Simply the most cutting edge company in the equipment industry! Thank you [b]very much[/b] for the pics!

Epic Flash SZ 9.5* Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65X
Epic Flash 15.0* Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 75X
Apex '19 20* Fujikura Atmos HB TS Blue 8X
X-Forged UT 21* KBS C-Taper Lite X
Apex CF19 Combo #5-P KBS $-Taper 120
MD4 Raw 50-S/56-X/60-S KBS 610 120
Odyssey MXM-V #7 "Tank" @ 38"
Snell MTB-X / Chrome Soft X Triple Track

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[quote name='BCAme' timestamp='1327678695' post='4161799']
SAMBA! Awesome.

Totally agree. Adidas has some nice looking shoes this year. Loving the samba, puremotion, adicross and crossflex. I'll have to try those when they hit the shelves.

SiM2 Max  9°  Fujikura Ventus 6
TS2  15°  GD Tour AD VR-7

testing 5/7 woods🤔🤷‍♀️
818H2  21°  GD Tour AD IZ-85
0311T  4i / Z745  5-9  Nippon 950GH 
SM7 46F 52F 58D  DG 115
SM7 62M  KBS Tour
putter, KBS CT Tour, Pro Only *

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Are there more detailed pictures of the crossflex shoes? You can see them in one of the first pictures. Look pretty interesting, a little bit like the Ecco Bioms.

Yamaha V202 Tour - Tour AD BB-7
Yamaha v FW 14° - Tour AD BB-7
Yamaha IFF 19° - Tour AD DI-7
Epon Personal 3-P - DG Pro
Yamaha Inpres X 52° 58° - DG Spinner
Golds Factory SUS 303 custom

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      SuperStroke Limited Edition Hawaii Collection covers and grips – 2023 Sentry Tournament of Champions
      Collin Morikawa's new TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus driver and 3 wood – 2023 Sentry Tournament of Champions
      Xander Schauffele's new Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond driver – 2023 Sentry Tournament of Champions
      Xander Schauffele's Odyssey Toulon "XS Proto" mallet putter – 2023 Sentry Tournament of Champions
      New Odyssey White Hot Versa and Tri-Hot 5K putters – 2023 Sentry Tournament of Champions
      Sungjae Im's Scotty Cameron Tourtype F-5 proto putter (with new SuperStroke Zenergy 1.0 PT grip) – 2023 Sentry Tournament of Champions
      Scottie Scheffler's new TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus driver and Stealth 2 fairway wood – 2023 Sentry Tournament of Champions

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