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LIVE ROCKETBLADEZ Q&A with TaylorMade! Thursday, Oct. 25 1-3PM ET! Win RBLADEZ TOUR IRONS!


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Town Hall: RocketBladez Tour Irons

THURSDAY 1PM ET: TaylorMade Golf’s iron product experts will join WRX for two hours of LIVE Q&A






As you’re all aware, TaylorMade Golf is coming off one of its most significant product launches in company history with the reveal of RocketBladez and RocketBladez Tour irons via a webcast on Tuesday with President and CEO, Mark King, and Executive Vice President, Sean Toulon.


For over 10 hours, they hosted a global webcast on their home page in which they revealed product information, images, presale for the product, and perhaps most significantly, opened their home page to questions from golfers around the world. Combining all social channels, they told us they answered more than 500 questions from golfers. The premise was simple: Here’s TaylorMade’s revolutionary new iron – one they believe is the biggest advancement in 40 years - so, what do you want to know about it?


Quite a bit, they discovered. And just as they understand that golfers have plenty of questions about the market version, they are 100 percent aware of the energy in this community to learn more about RocketBladez Tour. Questions ranging from Tour testing to the shape of the irons and everything in between. What was behind Sean O’Hair’s prototype models? How did they decide on the camouflage badging? How do they compare to the Tour Preferred line-up? What is the plan for the Tour rollout? What has been feedback from players who game a traditional Tour Preferred MB?


Luckily for WRX, TaylorMade has agreed to bring their product experts inside our community walls once again for a live and exclusive two-hour chat tomorrow right here on GolfWRX.


We're using this thread take your questions for TaylorMade about the RocketBladez Tour irons… and as mentioned their product and R&D experts will be here tomorrow for a Town Hall-style chat from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. EST to answer.


Feel free to leave your questions starting today and join us tomorrow.



If you need some incentive to leave a good question: TaylorMade is giving 2 early sets of the RocketBladez Tour irons to GolfWRX. Anyone who gets a question answered will be entered into a random drawing for a shot at one of the two sets.


Good luck and fire away!



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Thank you for taking the time to educate us on your new product release.

With the speed slot design aiming to assist with lower faced hits or "thin hits" what affect will this have on flushed hits as far as distance control is concerned?

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Thanks TM and Hip for allowing us the opportunity to ask about RocketBladez!

My question is, with "consistent distance" being a priority in the design of the speed pocket, why wasnt the speed pocket added in the 8-PW? Let's say you do get a consistent distance from 3-7 irons with an increase in distance, wouldnt the 8-PW be somewhat shorter due to lack of the speed pocket?

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How does the speed slot affect the actual weighting of the head? Was weight put into a more useful position to compensate for it, like what is done with drivers?

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First let me say I think Taylormade does a great job of bringing technology not just to golf but to the golfing public and that they do a good job marketing it. My question: How or will you address the information that Wilson Golf posted earlier stating that they used slot technology called "Reflex" design in irons back in 1979?

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After checking the specs of both the Tour and standard Rocketbladez, it seems there is quite a discrepancy in loft and length. The standard Rocketbladez being longer in length, from what I can tell at least .5" longer, and stronger lofted, by about 3*, in the longer clubs and tapering down to much closer to "industry standard" for the PW.

On the other hand the Tour Rocketbladez are not as strongly lofted and are slightly shorter in length in some cases than what seems to be industry standard.

Is this solely based on the needs/wants (more distance) of the target player market for each iron? Or were these changes required to achieve the required ball flight b/c of the launch characteristics and technology of the new heads?

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Thanks for taking the time to answer questions for all of us regarding the Tour Irons, and thank you to TMAG and WRX for the great giveaway.
With the speed pocket offering an tremendous increase in ballspeed across the face on fairway woods and hybrids, how fast could you make the irons? Did these come close to COR rating of metalwoods, hence the slowing down of the face? Is this control what yields the consistent distance.

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how does the new tour iron compare to the mb/mc models in terms of workability. i assume with the larger sweet spot its easier to make the ball go straighter and thus makes it more forgiving. but does this mean it will be harder to shape and work the ball? one thing i love about my mc's is that they are more forgiving then a blade, but i can still work them any way i want.

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Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions and the giveaway TM and WRX! My bag is mostly TaylorMade except I have AP1 irons and a Scotty putter. I've been planning to move to either the AP2 or JPX825 Pro, but the RBladez Tour may be the right choice instead and I'm looking forward to trying it.

My question is: I know that the distance gains have been posted for RockeBladez vs. competitors. Will there be comparisons for the tour version instead? Also, was the polyurethane by 3M in the pocket designed specifically for this application, and can you explain all its purposes? Is it visible in the pocket, and does it ever need to be replaced?

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Will the speed slot technology be included in future driver offerings?

Any reasoning behind black and gold color scheme? Which looks amazing btw.

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