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Will leaving Titleist hurt Rory McIlroy's game? His 5 biggest hurdles

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Most people who discredit Nike equipment are biased to begin with well before ever actually swinging one of their clubs. They either have something against TW or the Nike brand--leading them to have a negative image of Nike golf in general. The same goes for people who won't play a TM driver simply because it's too "common" or they just don't like TM's marketing. These are silly reasons really because it has nothing to do with performance. For the far and few in between who've had unbiased fittings/testings done...I guarantee their numbers were similar with any modern equipment brand. It all comes down to feel and confidence. I can hit a G20 long and straight but I just can't bring myself to put it play because it looks horrid (to me) the same way white drivers don't appeal to many. It doesn't mean the club can't perform!

Rory will be fine...if not better.

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Rory probably has the same deal as Tiger and some other Nike staffers. If there's some better club out there, they can use it. Remember, logos on clothing and hats are what is on TV all the time, not the clubs.

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+100000 on the multiple threads about the same thing. But it's not just on WRX. Sobel had an article on Monday up about how switching wasn't a given and blah blah blah. Then yesterday he has an almost identical article up to the OP about how will the switch affect Rory. Last week that twit Micelli said it wasn't a done deal. He!! on Monday on Morning Drive they had Shipnuck on from SI who was going on about how he just did this huge interview with ROry and there were all these rumors out about his Titleist deal ending. Shipnuck said with 100% certainty his deal with Titleist isn't even up this year, that he has another year on it and can't do anything till then. Then yesterday the same people who claimed inside sources that his deal wasn't up and it wasn't a done deal, were running and squealing like little school girls who couldn't wait to blab the secret. Enough already.When it happens, it will happen.

As for the equipment, he will be fine. As others said he will have 100% customized equipment for him, which in the 1st few years will probably be Titleist blanks with NIke stampings.

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Will leaving Titleist hurt Rory McIlroy's game? His 5 biggest hurdles


By Zak Kozuchowski


GolfWRX Managing Editor


Golf fans learned two things about Rory McIlroy’s future today: he will no longer endorse Titleist or FootJoy products as of Dec. 31, 2012, and another OEM is going to pay him an outrageous amount of money to play its equipment.


It has been widely speculated that McIlroy has already entered into a deal with Nike Golf to the tune of 10 years, $250 million. Nike is neither confirming nor denying the rumor, meaning McIlroy’s deal with Nike is either the worst-kept secret in golf history or one of the biggest rumor-mill hoaxes of all time. But here’s what golf fans do know -- McIlroy will be forced to shelve at least a few pieces of Titleist equipment he used to win the 2012 PGA Championship at Kiawah Island by a record margin of eight shots.


Whatever company signs Rory McIlroy will do its best to accommodate his equipment preferences, but equipment changes, especially for a player of McIlroy’s caliber, can be as much about sound, feel and confidence as they are performance. That’s why six-time major champion Nick Faldo said on Tuesday’s “Morning Drive” on the Golf Channel that McIlroy’s decision to change equipment was “dangerous.”

"I’ve changed clubs and changed equipment, and every manufacturer will say, ‘We can copy your clubs; we can tweak the golf ball so it fits you,’” Faldo said. “But there’s feel and sound as well, and there’s confidence. You can’t put a real value on that. It’s priceless.”


Based on the equipment McIlroy is playing now (Click here to see what was in his bag at the 2012 PGA Championship), we’ve made a list of the five biggest hurdles McIlroy will face as he migrates from Titleist equipment.


No. 5 – A new driver head/shaft combination




Like snowflakes, no two golf shafts are exactly the same. Even shafts of the same model from the same manufacturer with the same listed specifications can have minuscule differences than top ball strikers like McIlroy can notice.


McIlroy switched to a new shaft, a Mitsubishi Diamana Prototype 70X, to go along with Titleist’s latest 913 D3 driver that he used to win the 2012 PGA Championship. But the move from his old driver with his old shaft were subtle tweaks to the look, feel and ball flight he was used to with his Titleist driver setup.


Going to a different driver will mean McIlroy will be playing something that looks and feels different. It will also likely perform different, which could mean a different shaft. If that new shaft doesn’t feel the same while McIlroy is unloading it at 120 mph, it will be problematic.


No. 4 – Working the ball with new fairway woods




McIlroy’s last tournament victory came at the BMW Championship, where he used Titleist’s new 913Fd fairway woods (a 13.5-degree and 18-degree model) to fend off some of golf’s best players: Lee Westwood, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Robert Garrigus, Dustin Johnson, Adam Scott, Vijay Singh and Ryan Moore, who all finished in the top 10 at Crooked Stick that week.


While McIlroy migrated to the 913Fd fairway woods quickly after their launch on tour, he didn’t have much success with Titleist’s previous model, the 910Fd fairway woods. He opted to stay with an older model, Titleist’s 906F2, saying he felt more confident and comfortable hitting a fade or draw on command with the older ones.


Because of McIlroy’s prodigious length, he frequently opts to hit 3 wood or 5 wood off the tee for more control or better position. This makes them vital clubs for him, especially in major championships where hitting fairways is at a premium. Changing fairway woods means changing that confidence level, at least for a little while. And at McIlroy’s level, a lack of confidence over even a single tee shot can be the difference between winning and losing.


No. 3 – Changing wedges




The first clubs that Tiger Woods put in his bag during his gradual transition from Titleist to Nike were a set of Nike forged muscleback irons. Rickie Fowler made a similar transition in 2012, changing over from a set of Titleist musclebacks to Cobras, which he used to win his first PGA Tour event.


Woods and Fowler had success switching models of muscleback irons because they are easiest clubs for OEMs to replicate for tour players. It would seem to make sense that OEMs could do the same thing with wedges for its new staff players, but that’s not the case.


Unlike irons, wedges are used in a variety of different playing positions and players use different parts of the sole to play different shots. This places a premium on the shaping, size and width of the sole of a tour player’s wedge. For this reason, Tiger held out for years before trading in his Vokey wedges and Fowler is still using his Vokeys while under contract with Cobra-Puma.


McIlroy has been playing Vokey wedges his entire professional career. While new wedges from a different manufacturer might look the same and even feel the same, perfecting things such bounce angle, sole width, camber and leading edge shape can take a long time.


No. 2 – Using an insert putter




Putters are one of the most often changed pieces of equipment on tour. McIlroy has been no exception – he was a long-time user of a Scotty Cameron Newport Fastback Select prototype before changing to a Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport GSS prototype that he used to win the 2012 U.S. Open.

If McIlroy goes to Nike, he will be expected to play a Method putter, which employs grooves in the face that Nike engineers say get the ball rolling faster after contact. More roll is good, but it can be another thing that takes getting used to.


Woods, who has been using a Nike Method putter consistently since his return to competitive golf at the 2010 Masters, has never found the success on the greens with a grooved putter that he enjoyed while using a Scotty Cameron. Woods said his Method putter took some adjustment because it had a different feel off the face and “rolled farther."


Any company that signs McIlroy would be doing him a huge favor by giving him a grace period on putter use, as the putter will likely be the most difficult club in the bag for him to switch out.


No. 1 – Switching from the Titleist Pro V1X


2011_US_prov1x_core.jpeg 2011_US_prov1x_cover.jpeg 2011_US_prov1x_casing.jpeg


The golf ball is the only piece of equipment (other than shoes or gloves) that a player uses on every shot on the course. That makes the golf ball the most important part of an equipment switch for tour players, since it has to work with every one of their clubs.


Titleist leads on tour in golf ball usage. While its competitors have become very good at making golf balls, McIlroy can be assured that his next ball will not perform exactly like his old one. There are construction and material differences, all related to patents, which make it impossible.


McIlroy’s next ball will likely spin a little more or a little less, and perform differently in the wind than his Pro V1X. Even if the ball performs better, better is not always foolproof, because better means different.









Some players are better suited to changing equipment than others. It is possible that McIlroy has already tested all of his future company’s new gear, and has worked with the company to create a set of equipment and a golf ball that is to his liking. If this is the case, the opportunity to make more money and the potential for more exposure are no-brainers for McIlroy. But the level of play that golf fans saw from McIlroy at the 2012 PGA Championship made it clear that it will be hard for Rory to find equipment that will make him a noticeably better golfer. He will, however, become noticeable richer and noticeable more famous.


It will be interesting to see how much of a grace period McIlroy is given when it comes to changing over to his new equipment. Will he be treated like Tiger Woods was before the scandal, whose contract stated that he could play any other manufacturer's equipment if he thought it was better, or will big money from a company like Nike mean an immediate 14-club deal including a change to one of their golf balls?


Golf fans should remember that golfers of Rory's caliber would have success with just about any set of equipment that was given to them. But at the highest level, it's the small things that make a difference, and that's exactly what McIlroy's new equipment deal will do -- change some small things.


this is a typo is it not,he won the 2012 PGA and the 2011 US Open


Good catch. Thanks.

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I know this is an equipment blog, and we'd all love to think that changes to our bags will make big impacts but at the end of the day, I have to believe its 95% mental. Rory has proven he's a smart enough guy and is well grounded enough to figure these things out. Case in point, his visit to Haiti after the Masters loss... by most accounts that put it all in perspective for him. Its a game and despite it being his livelihood, its still a game and at the end of the day the gear we choose to play is more about personal expression and brand loyalty than it is about performance or outperformance. Rory will be just fine...

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[quote name='pingman1' timestamp='1351692035' post='5871891']
One question: Who really cares?

Based on the number of views and comments on all these threads, I'd say quite a few people that are members here.

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Tiger went from Mizuno blades to Titleist blades to Nike blades. Tiger went from a Cobra driver to a Titleist driver to a Nike driver. Tiger went from a Titleist ball to a Nike Ball. How did he turn out? Phil went from Taylormade to Titleist to Callaway. Hmmm. How did that one turn out. Ernie went from Taylormade to Titleist to Callaway. Hmmm. I think he had success along the way with all the oem's like Tiger and Phil. The REAL DEAL superstars figure out a way. This is a non-issue.

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[quote name='mosesgolf' timestamp='1351697288' post='5872315']
Tiger went from Mizuno blades to Titleist blades to Nike blades. Tiger went from a Cobra driver to a Titleist driver to a Nike driver. Tiger went from a Titleist ball to a Nike Ball. How did he turn out? Phil went from Taylormade to Titleist to Callaway. Hmmm. How did that one turn out. Ernie went from Taylormade to Titleist to Callaway. Hmmm. I think he had success along the way with all the oem's like Tiger and Phil. The REAL DEAL superstars figure out a way. This is a non-issue.

PM did not play Taylormade. He did play Yonex for a bit...

I do agree with your sentiment though. Slight adjustment, then business as usual...

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David Duvall.......Enough said!

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I think that Nike will give Rory at grace period to get all the clubs in play. Irons and wedges will certainly be a no brainer. Woods shouldn't be to hard either. The VR line of woods actually look really good and perform every bit as good at Titleist. The ball might take a little time but they have balls at Nike that we've never seen. I've heard nothing but really positive things about Nike's new ball that is coming out. It's supposed to play like a ball from a couple of years ago with a softer cover. The putter is obviously the money club and while nike will almost reproduce his current flat stick it still won't be the same. Rory has changed putters in the past but he's won with this current one and he'll win with the new one.

it's a smart business decsision for Nike to make the guys play 14 clubs. they are efforting to be a force in the hardware business and with the stable of players they are building their 2013 sales should be up.

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[quote name='pingman1' timestamp='1351697943' post='5872365']
Every time Rory misses a cut, hits a bad shot, ends up hitting Butler cabin, etc, the haters will blame the clubs. Rory will be questioned in every press conference if the Nike clubs caused that shot.
[/quote][quote name='pingman1' timestamp='1351697943' post='5872365']
Every time Rory misses a cut, hits a bad shot, ends up hitting Butler cabin, etc, the haters will blame the clubs. Rory will be questioned in every press conference if the Nike clubs caused that shot.


The media gets so fixated on something and it becomes this double standard that they can never let go of. They read so much into everything (see the round by round roller coaster of news about tiger... He's back, he sucks, he'll catch jack, he'll never win again, no ones scared of him, he's still intimidating, etc) that I can see this being their fixation point after every decent-to-poor round that rory has for the next year+.

The WRX community, myself included, is guilty of this also to some extent (but hey that's part of why we visit this site) but the GC and associated media are going to hammer this into the ground. I mean, Rory has laid low as best he could through all of this but by looking at the headlines on GC you'd think he's planned a Lebron James-esque self centered gluttony fest until he makes his announcement!

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[quote name='superman912' timestamp='1351642751' post='5869777']
5. Nike will give him any driver head he wants. MRC will make sure the D+ prototype he uses will be tweaked to exactly the same characteristics as his Titleist driver. He switched a bunch of times with success. From the 909 to the 910 to the 913D2 with Fuji TS and now the 913D3 with MRC D+ prototype. I think the only failure was the Fuji and that had to do with shaft not head.

4. He switched back and forth many times with his fairways, some days using the 906, 910, 2 iron 503i, and the 913. He won't have any trouble switching to Nike fairways. And fuji will do the same MRC will. And of all of their equipment, their fairways seem to be most consistent anyways (minus the blades).

3. Just like Tiger, he'll probably play endo forged blades with Nike badges that'll play identically to his Titleist blades. There was a rumor that Tiger is actually playing Miura's with Nike badges. I wouldn't be surprised if Rory gets unstamped Titleist blades with Nike badges on it that'll play like the 712 MBs but look like the new prototype Nike blades that are supposed to come out. Project x is not proprietary to Titleist so there'll be no problem getting iron shafts. Nike can grind their VR pro wedges to play exactly like the Vokeys. Hell, I bet they'll go as far as getting Vokey blanks and stamping Nike VR pro on them. Wouldn't surprise me at all considering what Tiger got.

2. The putter will be where it counts. Who knows if he'll switch to a Nike putter. He might not, just like Tiger. I also have a suspicion that part of Tiger's new deal was that he was to use the Nike putter. I don't see why he'd drop the putter he's won 14 majors with for any other reason. I think Mcilroy will start with the same Scotty and Nike might try to sweeten the deal by making him switch putters. But just like Tiger, I can bet the rolling characteristics of his Nike will be exactly the same as his Scotty. You are comparing stock equipment to tour issue. These guys are playing nothing stock. Everything is fit perfectly for their game.

1. Tiger is probably playing a ProV1 badged as a Nike D ball, and it won't be any surprise if Rory also plays a ProV1x with a Nike logo on it. This is a very common practice on tour.

With Nike's resources, I can bet almost nothing will change with Rory's equipment except that it'll say Nike on it, rather than Titleist.

if this was written in jest, i get it.

if not, you should be banned........for life....

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I think it'll change his game a bit for a while, but most good guys can play with whatever.

Look at GMac.. He left Cally, and struggled like hell for a while with a few spurts of gold mixed in there.

I'd tend to say he'll have an off year next year and we will all blame it on the switch, but thats likely not the cause.

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Nike can and will make him whatever he wants. In fact his prototypes might have a big part to play in future Nike production models. In which case, Nike's clubs could end up being better because of Rory.

If Nike is more willing to work on a custom ball for him than Titleist was, the ball may be a great reason to sign. Did he just play a standard Pro V1x? They can at the very least replicate the performance, if not the exact feel.

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[quote name='jmvargas' timestamp='1351643466' post='5869841']
nope...he's too talented for that..

heck! he could play well with MY clubs!!

Are you sure about that? We should never question the 'experts'...

[quote name='iteachgolf' timestamp='1351721761' post='5874399']There are at least 50 guys on tour who hit it as good or better than Rory.

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Quite honestly, if their equipment is so custom that it can't be replicated, there is either a swing flaw or the club is a crutch in some way. The best players I know can pick up any set of clubs and go low as long as the loft/lie/length/grip is somewhat close to fitting them.


If the Method is an issue, I don't see the problem with negotiating for putter without the urethane face insert. It's not like Nike hasn't had prototypes made before:




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If Nike can make a method putter with no grooves, why doesn't Tiger go with one, to replicate his Scotty.

I'm sure Rory will ask for a Nike putter with no grooves? That is if they don't let him keep his Scotty.

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[quote name='Mikka' timestamp='1351648670' post='5870315']
Only the WRX community will notice what Rory is playing. As long as he's carrying the swoosh bag that's all that Nike cares (that's enough exposure for them and what the 'uneducated' masses will notice).

As for the clubs, he'll get specially made clubs that resemble what he's playing now with the swoosh on them.......same with the wedges. I'm thinking he'll play a Titleist ball. I think most importantly for Nike is that Rory will move a lot more product and apparel than Tiger ever did. We live in different times and golf is getting good exposure on tv and across social media. Plus the kids and adults a like love Rory and will want to bag the same product that is winning him tournaments and accolades world wide.

+1 , most of the golfing public will be placated by swoosh on head covers and bag, only a wrx'er is dvr'ing/slow motioning to check heads,lofts,grips, shafts, etc.....That 250million is buying exposure to the 99% golfing public


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