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Baby Blades

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Just received my new Baby Blades yesterday. Managed to get in a quick 9 yesterday evening. I love these irons. What's cool is the practice iron I also bought. It's make to match my 7 iron specs. If you think the BB's are small. You should hit the practice iron a few times.


D' Lance Golf in Denver, Colorado built the iron, matched the shafts and reshafted my hybrid and Woods. I dropped some serious Sugar but its was all worth it.

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Sorry, thought I uploaded under my first post. The practice iron is called "The Little One" and is made by PSP Golf. It's about half the size of my 4 iron. Pretty much no room for a miss. This about the only golf "aid" I have ever bought. It's no gimmick. Google it.

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Enjoy your new babies!

Re "The Little One:



Yonex eZone 380 10*, Callaway X2 Hot Pro 4w 17*
Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood 4-7h
Royal Collection Tour VS 8-PW
Fourteen MT28 J.Spec 52*, Yururi Chili 57*, Cleveland CG15 64*
Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport Beach
CLASSIC (under construction):
'62 Hogan Power Thrust irons
Jack White JWX Model D driver, brassie & spoon
Mills BSD1 aluminium cleek
Tom Stewart mashie & niblick
George Nicoll spade mashie
Tom Morris mashie niblick
Gibson Skoogee niblick
Spalding HB putter
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sblack5, the irons have KB STE KB Steel Tour Par-X shafts as well as The Little One. By the way, just got back from the Range and another session with The Little One. My titleist 913 D3 is loaded with the Mitsubishi Fubuki K Series, 913F has the Grafal Blue SC 60. I'm onboard with all this stuff matched and tuned for my swing. Quite a ways from the old days of Balata balls and sticks with Stiff, Regular and Ladies shafts.

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