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LIVE CHAT / GIVEAWAY: True Temper on DG Pro, Thursday, July 18 at NOON ET


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DG Pro is the industry’s first progressive iron shaft offering trajectory-tuned performance from long irons to short irons while delivering True Temper’s tour-proven consistency shot after shot.


DG Pro is available exclusively through True Temper Performance Fitting Centers starting July 15.


For a chance to win 1 of 5 sets of DG Pro shafts through GolfWRX, submit your DG Pro question and True Temper’s Greg Cavill, Vice President of Alloy Engineering and Design, will answer it during our Live Chat on Thursday, July 18 beginning NOON ET.


Ask your question NOW below and join us for the live chat Thursday!




What does the “Pro” in DG Pro stand for? It stands for Progressive…

  • Progressive Flex profile

The DG Pro was created in response to feedback provided by True Temper Sports tour staff who work intimately with the world’s best players each week on all of the major tours. Over the past 12 months there has been a significant increase in players reporting that they are finding it increasingly more challenging to achieve the desired ball flight in the longer, lower lofted irons. The issue is centered on initial launch conditions of the balls, which perform extremely well with drivers and fairway woods, and create the necessary control in the mid to short irons, but struggle to stay airborne when struck with the long irons. Research at True Temper’s Area 61 confirmed that in some circumstances the modern balls initial launch characteristics promote a low shallow ball flight that produces inconsistency and loss of distance control.


To address this issue, a number of players have been forced to remove 3 and in some cases 4 irons from their bags, replacing them with hybrids that by design are able to promote higher launch angles.


It would have been easy for True Temper Sports to design a shaft with increased tip response to counter the undesirable performance traits that some players are experiencing in the long irons, however this approach within a conventional set makeup would have negatively impacted the performance of the mid and short irons; an area dominated by Dynamic Gold on all men’s tours.


The solution came from a Tour Prototype with Major credentials aka Monaco, and a unique design feature called ‘variable step geometry’, which enables the stiffness profile to be optimized for each iron in the bag. Taking this concept, engineers where able to develop three specialized stiffness profiles that promote PROGRESSIVE feel and control throughout the set.


In the long irons, the butt stiffness is relatively high promoting an active tip section to compensate for the low launch and spin conditions found when striking the modern day tour golf ball. Moving down into the mid irons the butt to tip stiffness ratio is modified to maintain the optimum feel and control associated with the Dynamic Gold brand. Once down to the short irons, the design brief was focused on exceeding the performance and feel of the most popular shaft designs used on tour. To accomplish this, engineers again tweaked the stiffness profile promoting a cushioned feel, without generating excessive spin.


The challenge of the new design was to meet the design and performance requirements, while at the same time ensuring that the feel was progressive throughout the set, and seamless from the player’s point of view.
  • Progressive Step Pattern

o The DG Pro incorporates a very visual change in the shaft geometry as it morphs between the three subsets. This was necessary to promote the optimum feel and performance. Grip lengths have been increased in the butt section of the longer irons, and utilize a compact step pattern below the ‘Flex Chamber’, promoting just the right amount of tip response to promote an optimum ball flight in the lower lofted irons.

o In the mid irons, the grip length decreases to reduce the butt stiffness, while the lower half has been stiffened to provide the control and feel demanded by elite players. Visually the lower step pattern has stretched to reduce tip response ensuring that the ball flight remains consistent without excessive spin.

o In the short irons the Butt to Tip profile is again enhanced to force the shaft to work higher up, this produces a cushioned feel during impact, a feature that each player noted during four separate tour tests used to validate the design. The result is a tendency to promote a lower ball flight with increased spin, without the boardy feel associated with many designs.
  • Progressive Weight Profile

o The DG Pro is a no compromise design, where even the smallest detail has been painstakingly researched to maximize performance. Each starting blank of the DG Pro is produced to exacting Gold Manufacturing Tolerances. In addition, the DG Pro utilizes a semi descending weight design that is used to limit the increase in wall thickness as you progress through the set. This benefits the golfer as it promotes a softer butt section which in turn reduces tip response for a flatter more aggressive ball flight in the shorter irons.
  • Progressive internal material distribution.

o All premium products within the DG and PX brands utilize VWT (Variable Wall Technology). With the DG Pro this has been taken to the next step by varying the amount of VWT per shaft to enhance feel and control. VWT has also been used to lower each shafts balance point, allowing club assemblers the opportunity to reduce overall static club weights while maintaining club Swing Weight. This is just another example of how the DG Pro has been designed to the finest detail; maximizing efficiency to lower scores.





“Very impressed overall with the shaft. The weight is heavy, like I prefer, but not overly so, and doesn't create the loss of head feel (like some counter-balanced shafts), but doesn't make the head feel too heavy.”

- treadwej


“I loved the way that when I swung them the shaft felt smooth and through impact the irons felt fantastic.”

- tjgus25


“The shaft felt very stable to me. I currently play the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue and this one felt a little lighter and was just as smooth, while proving a slightly higher flight. To me, it'd be a perfect compliment for players using the newer, stronger lofted clubs to have the clubs play like a more traditional loft, assuming that those players are already Dynamic Gold users. I believe they'd pair well with newer, stronger lofted forgings.”


“The flight of this shaft is noticeably lower. A characteristic that is very favorable to me, especially in the wedges and scoring irons.”



“I was very impressed with the DG PRO shaft. The first thing that I noticed other than the double step pattern was the thickness of the butt and midsection. From a visual standpoint this gave me added confidence or a feeling that the shaft would be stable. The shaft felt very nice in a static position with balanced weighting - this maintained through the swing. Not too much weight in the tip or the butt - very balanced. Impact felt very solid and produced a nice mid kick in the shaft. Typically I would not assiciate that mid kick feel with the ball flight it produced... The flight was low launch mid FLAT flight. Everyone has a difference sense of ball flight - for me there is no such thing as LOW with an iron shaft. The DG PRO was as low as any iron shaft that I hit. I was most impressed with how flat the flight was. The 9 iron peaked nicely, where the 6 and 3 flatened out earlier in the flight - producing a very nice AoD.”

- swanry30

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Are these shafts similar to the Monaco shafts and Tour Concept shafts or something totally different in terms of kick points and intended flight/target player profile?

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With the idea of the VWT, what other plans for weight is there on this set? And if it is playing to the weight of the standard DG, will there be a lite or SL version of these shafts?

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sounds like a great new shaft with the progressive design with VWT , that suits my flight preferences well. My question is this: I have loved the DG S300 for its stable feel and low launch (but found it a bit too low sometimes in the longer irons), and thus moved to the Project X for its smoothness, slightly higher flight and (for me) increased distance. Can you tell us a bit more on how the DG Pro matches up to these two shafts in terms of weight, feel, kickpoints, and flight? Thank you!

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Greg - Any chance we'll see these shafts be offered as a stock (or upcharge) option in any '14 sets of irons?

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What can these shafts do for the average person swing speed? For example 7 iron distance of 155 yards?

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Dear Mr Cavill,

I've played the TT XP S300 in my Mizuno Irons and have loved them for the consistent flight and distance. THe DG Pro sounds like an amazing product to address my shaft needs. When making the switch should I utilize the same stiffness as in my current set of iron shafts. Nothing beats True Temper!

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How do the TT DG PRO shafts compare to the Monaco Shafts and to the Tour Concept shafts?

Will there be a SL version in the future?

What will be street price for a set?

It is my understanding that the shafts will be available from PC's first and others like GolfWorks starting October. Is that correct?

With a set length make up of 36.5 to 41", does that mean there is a dedicated shaft for each club 1 iron through PW?

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What has been done to reduce spin in the DG pro and has "feel" been addressed. I have been a long time user of the DG X100's but have since moved on to KBS C-Tapers. I would be very interested to see a DG shaft that can replace the C-Taper.

Thank you for your time.

            Featured Writer For GolfWRX.com
                Editor Product Reviews
                Product Tester/Review Panel
                Winner TMag Naples Trip 2012
                See ya on the green...Kadin

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[color=#222222]With PX flighted, typically these have been aimed at the more aggressive player while Dynamic Golds are more broad in the tempo they suit. With the alteration to the butt stiffness through the set, is the DG Pro aimed at the typical Dynamic Gold player who wants flighted technology or are these aiming more towards those with a smoother transition (specifically because with a stiff butt and a softer tip, the profile of the long irons sounds very much like a KBS Tour for example in comparison)?[/color]
[color=#222222]To take advantage of the flighted technology, I've found, that tolerances are very important to squeeze the most benefit from them. What is the standard weight tolerance on these? Will there be a TI set down the road?[/color]

[color=#222222]While the weight is different (vs the XP's), would you agree that for overall ball flight through out a full iron set, these slot inbetween a Dynamic Gold and a Dynalite XP?[/color]

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Are these weight sorted to the tolerances of the tour issue line? Are there any plans for custom shaft finish options? Can these we spine aligned before labels are placed?

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Will there be a limited run of stiffer, heavier shafts using this concept, aka X7 2.0? Also, will there be any "tour" versions, (i.e. x200,300, 400) with shafts that spec'd heavier? LOVE my x7's and would be neat to see a new version of it!


God Bless

I hope to make the live chat but will probably be on the course looping for a future PGA Tour player....

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64* TM Hi Toe w/ Modus 130X
Mizuno MCraft 2 33" w/BGT Stability Shaft/Tour Quad Proto

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Can you explain the difference between the new DG Pro technology for flighted ball flights and the real differences and upgrades from other technology like KBC Ctaper and Rifle flighted technologies, all of which try to manipulate ball flight?

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[b]Taylor made p770 3- PW [/b]KBS $-Taper S+
[b]Taylor Made MG2 Raw 54 [/b] True Temper Tour Issue Dynamic Gold s400
[b]Taylor Made HiToe Raw 58 [/b] True Temper Tour Issue Dynamic Gold s400
[b]Toulon Design Madison Tour Issue [/b]Superstroke Flatso 2.0 50 gram weight
[b]Srixon [/b] XV

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Will the DG Pro come with Sensicore? Also I still play the True temper Black Gold shafts, how will these compare to those?

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Tour Bettinardi BB1 'H' DASS 353g
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Titleist ProV1 X, TM TP X
[url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/351901-twshoot67s-bag-and-crazy-collection/page__st__30__p__8092784__hl__+twshoot67#entry8092784"]WITB Link[/url]

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How balanced are these compared to previous TT DG shafts? I used to play X100's in my irons, but the balance I found in the KBS line, for me, was much more suited to my preference for feel in the swing. I have found the balance in Ctapers to really gel with my swing an approach into the ball. Will the Pro's be a viable shaft to try in relation to what I am currently playing?

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When will the Mizuno Optimizer begin spitting out these as a recommendation/option?

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TM Stealth 17* HZRDUS 75S
PXG 0317X 20* Oban Devotion S
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I see that these are described as "semi descending" weight. How will this effect swingweight progression (assuming you reshaft from Dynamic Gold) or are they counter balanced to offset this?

Also, how do you define the difference between descending and semi-descending?

What flexes/sub-flexes will be available and will they be available in taper and parallel?

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Is the DG Pro True Temper's response to the KBS Tour shafts? If so, what similarities and differences should we look for in this new shaft? If not, does True Temper intend on launching a new line that will compete with KBS Tour (mid-launch/low-mid spin with a softer feel)? Thanks!!

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I have 3 questions actually.

I did not see a listing for weight. Can you tell the weights of the different flexes?
I currently play Project X Flighted shafts but my favorite shafts were the DG Black Gold. How do these shafts compare and are these shafts going to be frequency matched?
Will these shafts be offered with the Ryder Cup shaft bands in the future?

Thank you for the discussion and sneak peak at your new product!

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