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Winn Dri-Tac came apart in my hands?

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Was hitting balls into a net in the back yard trying to get used to the feel of this Dri-tac, ever since I put it on I just felt disconnected from the club so I hit probably 60 balls in a row into my net. It was HUMID, in the afternoon sun probably 95° and 80% humidity. I was sweating A LOT(I actually have what is called Hyperhidrosis), I stopped twice to change shirts because the drips were running down my shorts and my hands were REALLY sweaty, however I was actually impressed with the Dri-Tac as with my super sweaty hands I was still able to hold the club quite well. I have a strong left grip and seriously hitchiked thumbs so I always wear spots where my left thumb goes on pretty much every grip I've tried.


Coming to the end of hitting balls and I almost lost the club. I felt it slip in my hands and I chalked it up to the sweat, it was a really bad slip, however when I went to re-grip it...I found THIS right where my left thumb goes:




Kinda bummed because I just put this thing on not long ago and now I've had to take it off and I was actually starting to like it because of the sweaty hand gripability... Scared to buy another one now though.


Anyone experienced this? Perhaps the sweat permeated the outer material and killed off the glue? Do I have super sweat? There appears to be a rubber inner core, a layer of foam, then the "Dri-tac" stuff. So that's Rubber, Glue, Foam, Glue, Grip material... weird. The entire red part is fine, I can't even pick the edge loose with my fingernail, it's still very on there.

SLDR 460 8.5° / TEE XCG6 16.5°
2-PW '94 Ram FXTG / Rifle 7.0
Cally Jaws CC SW 55° / LW 60°
Arm Lock Ping Cushin / Salty Grip.

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