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Soft Grips = Greater Dispersion?

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Was experimenting with some soft grips recently and, while I enjoyed the noticeable reduction in shock/vibration of mishits, the increase in shot dispersion was somewhat shocking. The driver, in particular, was like a loose cannon! Went back to my normal (firmer) grip and the dispersion problem disappeared. No doubt my quick swing tempo/transistion was a contributing factor. Did a little research on the subject and ran across an Iomic study on the effects of grip torque with interesting results shown in the link below.



What has your experience been with soft (high-torque) grips?

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I've played both soft and firm and have never noticed a difference in dispersion between the two. I can go a little sideways with both.

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I play Winn Dri Tac on my drivers for two season and I enjoy the soft feeling, because you don't have to choke it. The firmer ones make me feel I got to grip it hard to hold on.

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