Tour spec apparel cobra/puma

Just curious,I have been all over ebay looking for the cobra/puma tour hats and I can rarely find anything.but when I Google it everything usually comes up golfwrx.where I the **** do you all get your tour stuff from. I'm specifically looking for a black puma hat with orange accents.this isn't a wtb post just a curious question stating what I have been looking for.I've looked in the wtb section and can't find much.


  • RonanraffRonanraff Members Posts: 233
    What about this Cobra one. Available on Golfbase.

  • longballEp3longballEp3 Members Posts: 69
    Would be perfect if the bill wasn't so curved.I did see that one.I just just understand where everyone gets that stuff.I may go the route of a black and white hat with an orange sharpee.haha
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