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Any comments about "PurePointGolf"?

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Is it bogus or is this guy onto something?
Just wondering if anyone has ordered this guys DVD or has any comments on the swing he teaches. There's a guy at my club that has improved his play by about 5 strokes over the last month and he claims this DVD helped him do it and is the easiest most efficient way to swing the club and strike the ball consistently solid every time.

I heard the same stuff when Natural Golf first came out so I'm just wondering if I should ask to borrow the DVD or will it screw me up? Am I better off just leaving it alone? I'm just so curious to see what all the hype is about.

Somebody save me!
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portz, ya' gotta' MAKE UP YOUR MIND regarding what YOU want to "do with your swing" and STICK WITH IT.......otherwise your going to be like a zillion other frustrated players and simply "chase your tail" from now on.......Decide what YOU think you need to do and make a COMMITMENT to work HARD to improve within' the guidelines of whatever "swing" improvement you determine is best for YOU! What works for your buddy MIGHT not be right for you.......and what he's done to improve his game by 5 might COST you 5...... Right now, IMOP, your like Ponce Deleon searching for the "fountain of youth" except your trying to "find" the "perfect swing" ......your gonna' be just as frustrated as DeLeon as it ain't there either......:) JMOP.....:beee:

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I know man....I'm smart enough to know better but I guess I have a hard time committing to something because I've got this "home-made" swing that I've managed to tweak and work on it enough to play well but I'm always looking for that final piece to the puzzle. My swing is so inconsistent that it drives me crazy....I know that it's mostly because I made a lot of changes this season and when it's on I can play scratch golf but when some of my old moves sneak back in (the lateral slide is the toughest to shake) I can't even hit the ball.


Last week I played with my Pro against a couple of out of towners who were looking for a 'game'. We started off playing $ 10 a hole and at the turn we upped it to $ 50. One of them was easily scratch or better and the other guy was probably a 5 or better. My Pro played OK and when it was all done I came away with $ 180 and the other two thought I had sandbagged them by saying I was a 5 because I played better than the Pro.


That was great but then yesterday I go the range for some drill work and started out shanking half the bucket before I figured out I was sliding on my downswing AGAIN. I'm a pretty patient person but it's so hard to go from playing scratch golf to not even being able to find the clubface.


I'm sure if you were here you'd probably smack me in the back of the head for even considering some gimmicky swing DVD....sorry 'bout that. When I'm standing on the range hitting shanks and this 20 handicapper is striping them down the range I couldn't help but listen to what he was telling me. I was embarrassed and frustrated and at that point willing to try anything.


I'll stick with my swing...I know it's just a matter of putting in more time and working hard to get those bad moves out for good. I just need 1 or 2 swing keys to remember and right now I feel like I've got about 10 and if I forget one of them I'm all screwed up. Keeping my head stationary and behind the ball seems to be the # 1 issue for me....I start sliding forward and the next thing I know my whole body is ahead of the ball and the club is dragging through behind me....it's a very ugly move that I thought I had fixed last year but I guess not. It's like Herpes....the gift that keeps on giving. :)


Take care and thanks for the reality check!

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jportz..... I am with Slicefixer on this. I have read many of your posts and you seem like you are playing pretty well. I think you need to just be patient and realize that your ability is that last round you played with your pro. Don't sell yourself short. From your posts it seems you are lacking confidence in your game and what you have been working on to improve. I bet if you let yourself relax and realize you are a good player your scoring will consistently get better. All just my silly opinion though. :)

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Part of my problem is that I live in the middle of nowhere and the pro at my little muni is .....well, he's there for a reason. I've seen him give lessons...he gives the person a range token and watches from inside as they hit about 10 balls. Then he grabs a wedge and walks out there....right on the middle of the range, in the middle of everyone else hitting balls. No video camera, no private lesson area. He watches them hit a few balls and if they make good contact (with a bad swing) he'll say...now there's a good swing. He understands the fundamentals and is good for teaching beginners but I don't think he's WISE enough to look at a homemade swing like mine and pick out what I'm doing good and bad. Heck, he'd just say..."looks good JP, you sure are striping it well....just work on that pre-shot routine and you'll be fine."


What I'm trying to say is that I don't have anywhere else to turn other than The Golf Channel, books, the internet, and.....hokey DVD's. A lot of these guys have swing coaches or a good pro to take a look at their swing once in a while....I'm left with nothing but my backyard and my reflection in the living room window or even other guys at the range.


So I guess I'm the perfect target for these informercials. I'm just looking for something to help me out...it's hard to be your own swing coach so if ya'll have any pointers I'd sure appreciate it.

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I GAVE you a bunch of em'.....USE them......:)


Your NOT going to change something overnight that you've been doing for many years.....takes CONSISTENT and disciplined practice, sometimes over many months, to TRULY "change" your golf swing for the better......I DO understand your frustration with your local pro......common story......but, you've been given some sound advice IMOP.......so review it and get after it!


:beee: :)

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If you are playing under a 10 handicap it probably will not be worthwhile to you. It teaches a 3/4 iron swing with all shots with ball in the middle of your stance and that's it--end of the story.For a begining golfer it would be quite useful,IMO


It not does not offer any new info on driver/wood play.


I bought the version of this swing that was/is available in a ebook format,it had alot of pictures and taught this swing better/clearer than the DVD.The ebook is alot cheaper and will tell you all need to know.


I bought the DVD thinking it would offer more info,it didn't. Fortunately I was able to sell the dvd on ebay and get most of my money back

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Don't get me wrong Geoff....I've saved all of your posts and truly appreciate the help you've given me. It's hard to know if what I'm doing is correct though. I THINK I'm doing things right but the only feedback I have is ball flight at the range or the feedback of one of the other better players when I ask them to check out my setup or my angles. I have a mirror that I normally take to the range that works pretty well but that's it and it's hard to look at a mirror when you're trying to swing a golf club.


So when I'm hitting the ball great I automatically think I'm swinging great but I know that's not always the case...it just might be that my timing is right on that day. It takes a day of swinging terribly for me to really break down my swing, start with the basics and try to figure out what I'm doing wrong.


Slicefixer...you've been great, I appreciate all of the posts and help you've given me. I've come a LONG LONG LONG way from this time last year. I put in a lot of practice time...stayed dedicated to doing drills and not playing until I thought I was ready with my new action. I really was a good student so I guess I get a bit frustrated when I play well for a few weeks and then all the sudden the wheels just fall off.


Don't give up on me buddy.....sometimes I just need a little kick in the shorts to get me going again.



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If slicefixer gives video lessons, I'd take some of your winnings, buy a good video camera and get on with it...


Agreed...If you can't find a competent pro to teach you the next best thing is a video lesson or maybe save some cash and drive to where slicefixer is at one weekend.


I understand about not knowing if you are doing it right. Other peoples "feels" maybe different for you, so it is best to have a competent teacher look at what you are doing. They can simplify it for a whole lot quicker than you trying to "dig it out of the dirt" (although, there is a lot of satisfaction in that). :)

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