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Get Shafted - Tensei Pro Orange, Fujikura Speeder Evolution ll 661 & 757 & Tour Spec Red

Honey8adgerHoney8adger ClubWRX Charter Members Posts: 62
Looking to unload a few extra shafts that I've accumulated over the last few months. All shafts are absolutely MINT Condition, my short attention span is your gain!

1. Tensei Pro Orange 70 Stiff - This is the real deal with Boron Tip and "W" on the shaft. I ordered this for my new driver but while i was waiting for it to arrive I went for an actual fitting and realized there is a shaft that suits me far better. The shaft has been prepped and installed with a tip, I had the tip removed but the butt end was never cut so the shaft measures 46" so you can cut to your desired length. Price $250

2. Fujikura Speeder Evolution ll 757 Stiff -Shaft is absolutely mint, was only used for a few rounds. Shaft was not tipped so you can use it for your driver or fairway. Price $150.

3. Fujikura Speeder Evolution ll 661 Stiff - You should be starting to get the idea, shaft is mint mint and ready for a new home. Price $150

4. Fujikura Atmos Red Tour Spec 6 Stiff - Shaft never made it to the course or in the bag, Price $120

All items will be shipped from Canada and all prices include shipping.
2.jpg 138.9K
1.jpg 96.3K
4.jpg 139.6K
3.jpg 105.8K
6.jpg 143.1K
5.jpg 151.2K
9.jpg 151.1K
8.jpg 136K
7.jpg 121.9K
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