headcovers for blade putters

laseranimallaseranimal Ball Striking MachineMembers Posts: 1,163
Just picked up a macgregor ironmaster blade thats making a run at gamer status any chance of finding an aftermarket headcover thats going to fit a heel shafted blade?


  • xxioxxio Members Posts: 5,659 ✭✭
    The best bladecover made ever is the one that came with the BB2 (Bettinardi). Has a snap button on the back so it doesn't slip off. I'm trying to have a copy made for my Napa.
  • curryjcurryj Members Posts: 384
    the regular 'anser' style AM&E headcovers do come off the old style blade putters too easily, you realy got to keep a close eye on them.

    I haven't seen the one that came with the BB2, but a snap button makes sense. You could also check out the latest Wilson 8802 putter's(the one with the red insert) headcover, it's a different style and I found it fitted much better.
  • laseranimallaseranimal Ball Striking Machine Members Posts: 1,163
    could an AM&E style cover be modified with a clasp or snap?
  • samm980samm980 Members Posts: 1,735
    I have a Titleist Bullseye Cover that I use on my Napa and it works very well. It is the first cover that I have had that stays on the putter.
  • xxioxxio Members Posts: 5,659 ✭✭
    The best blade headcover, unfortunately it dosen't have Carbon Steel BB2 underneath. The Oil Can Napa under it was still made by RJB though.
  • stage1350stage1350 If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything. Members Posts: 10,239 ClubWRX
    AM&E makes a longer necked version of their headcover that I use on my BB2. It covers the hosel completely and doesn't slide off as easily.
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    Ooops my pics didn't show. Apparently I don't have memory space left. Do I send the pics to anyone to post?
  • docbarnesdocbarnes Members Posts: 30
    Como makes a blade headcover similar to the ones used on Scottys. They have weird designs on them like dragons etc. Tourspecgolf.com
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