Markings on different models of Srixon Z-URS

markpetriemarkpetrie Members Posts: 377
Anyone know the difference?

I was speaking to a pro who is now using Srixon Z-URS balls instead of PROV1s. I normally use the PROV1 and got a box of Z-URSs recently but don't know if they are newer models or not.

Does anyone know the differences between the markings on the models?

Also is there a limited shelf life on balls, or can they be stored long term?



  • tonyd99tonyd99 Members Posts: 151
    I noticed that too but have been unable to find info on that anywhere. I assume you are talking about z*ur.s and z-ur.s.
  • markpetriemarkpetrie Members Posts: 377

    I had a box of Z-URS a few years ago and they were OK but I went back to the PROV1, mainly due to differences around the green. Now apparently they are better around the green and there is a new ball out, but I can't tell which marking relates to which model.
  • tonyd99tonyd99 Members Posts: 151
    The ones with the * in the name I guess are new. I had bought a box prior to my LGB order and they had * on them. I play both and I do not notice anything that stands out as far as green side spin between the two. I like them over the Prov because they are more durable.
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