Bridgestone Barricold gloves -sizing

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I was thinking of getting some of the Bridgestone Barricold gloves for the colder mornings we are getting here now in the Australian winter. Firstly , can anyone recommend them from first hand use? Are they reasonably thin to still give a reasonable feel on the club? Secondly, I am unable to try any on locally for sizing fit. My normal glove is a Callaway fusion pro in the medium reg size. Can anyone tell me please if I should be fairly good with ordering the Barricold gloves in medium? Thank you.


  • SmashdcrabSmashdcrab Members Posts: 173
    Just an update for those with cold hands. I went ahead and ordered the medium Barricold. They fit perfectly so they seem similar sizing to normal golf gloves. They aren't super thin, but I guess that is the trade off you get if you want warm hands. They are comfortable and look well made. I haven't played in them yet , but I have held a club and they feel like they will grip the club pretty well. I am geared now for the cold mornings but summer still can't come soon enough.
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