Bridgestone BX- it has become my all time favorite better than Nike RZN Black

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I have been playing Srixon xv for a while, it was my choice after I ran out of Nike Rzn Blacks. But I was never totally satisfied with the XVs. Today I bought a dozen of BX and I have played BXS before for a while but it was too spinny on full shots and sucked back too much, distance of the driver was good but always shorter than XV and TPX, especially into the wind. So I did my research and decided to try the BX.

Feel - I think it’s 80 compression or 85 not sure, but its perfect off of irons and Driver, BXS is such soft feeling ball, but I think BX is just perfect off the putter, responsive and soft, but never too soft.

Distance - Driver, today I have hit some of the biggest drives especially into the wind, this par 5, 12 th hole in my home course has prevailing head wind, I hit my driver 328 yards off the tips into the wind, and the guy I was playing with saif he never seen anyone drive this far in this hole, and I said me too!, its easily 10 to 15 yards longer into the wind than other softer balls like th BXS or Pro V1. It is little longer than Nike RZN black and that was the longest ball for me off the tee for me.

Spin off irons- plenty spin but nothing like Srixon Z stars or Pro V or even TP5, never spins back too much hope ans stop on full shots

Spin off chipping and pitching- very predictable, chip hop and release of ver predictable distance.

Durability- good but, if hit with new wedge, light scar marks appear, it on par with Pro V

I think this will be my ball going forward, never played with B330 because it fely too hard off the putter, BX is just upgrad in every department, only thing is thay I have gotten my forst hole in one woth B330S last Sep, but BX is such an awesome all around tour performance ball, it will take something special to get it out of my bag.

Looking for Low spinning, piercing traj, perfect approach spin in a ball that feels lively yet soft? BX will not disappoint!

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