Bushnell Tour X Slope stopped working...I’ve had it 30 months so Bushnell won’t fix it....

Looking for any advice.

So the slope on my Tour X stopped working. Everything else works fine though.

I sent it to Bushnell. Since it’s out of warranty they just said they wouldn’t or couldn’t fix it. They then gave me a discount on a new rangefinder. Which is better than nothing, but i hate tossing another $370 to a company whose product may just break again.

Am I better off just selling the thing for whatever I can get, or should I attempt to open it up and see if there is anything visibly wrong with it...?

Or if any of you have seen this, definitely let me know.



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    I would probably sell it and look into other viable cheaper options. I still use a bushnell but once this one goes I'm going to switch to a different range finder. Not going to keep spending 300+ on a device that just tells me the distance.

    Look into PinnedGolf, you can find them on instagram or research them on the web. Best of luck to finding what you need.
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    There are plenty of great lasers in the $200 range....Golf Buddy LR7, Precision Pro etc. The technology has all caught up and there is no advantage to pay for anymore unless you want add-ons. Best of luck.
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    I would "tinker" with it. I think the people at bushnell bank off the fact the average user isnt willing to try to fix it, so they just offer a discount on a new unit.

    Id take a look and see what you can do... but then again im an engineer.

    best of luck
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