BBD vs. VSteel vs. SS-07 vs. RC Cv PICS!

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I compared the Tour SS-07 13° vs. Tour V-Steel 13° vs. Tour BBD Type-T 13° vs. Tour BBD Type-H 13° vs. Tour Royal Collection 2005 Cv PRO 13°. This is one **** of a bunch of FW's. All shafted with HK-PRO 110 S shafts. I took them on the range for off the tee and deck shots.

VSteel: Good looking club. Decent sound. Not as long as the others. Probably the biggest face of all of the test clubs. Easy off the tee as well as off the deck, probably easiest off the deck. Not as solid feeling as the others. More forgiving than any of the others. Distance is about 85-90% of the others. 7.75/10 score.

SS-07: Charcoal colored TOUR head. Very penetrating ball flight. A little pingy in sound compared to the BBD and RC heads. Easy off the tee and easy off the deck most of the time. You can tweak this head in loft if you would like. Same distance as the BBD and RC. I like the sound of the BBD and RC better IMHO. 8.75/10 score.

BBD Type-H: Nice looking club with no setup mark on the crown unlike the VSteel. Penetrating ball flight, maybe a tad lower than the SS-07 and definitely lower than the VSteel. Very solid in sound, almost like the golf God's letting know you hit hit square. image/yes.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':vava:' /> Can work the ball both ways even if I didn't mean to image/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' /> . Was my favorite until my new purchase. Liked it a little better than the Type-T. 9.25/10 score.

BBD Type-T: A little deeper and shorter heel to toe than the Type-H. To be honest with you, I thought it played very similar to the Type-H and couldn't tell the difference between the two on most shots. As far as spin, probably less with this compared to the others but close with the Type-H. Maybe a little lower ball flight than the Type-H. Very similar characteristics to the Type-H. 9.25/10 score.

RC Cv PRO: This is the 2005 model and very pretty to the eye. Very simple but yet striking. All black crown and all chrome sole. Not a lot of writing or horseshoes so to speak. Very clean lines. Very similar in feel to the BBD's rather than the SS-07 head IMHO. Great off the deck and tee. Sound is awesome. Somewhat similar to the Sonartec 3.5 heads but thats where the similarities end. More solid feeling than the Sonartec line. Runs neck and neck with the Type-H and Type-T in distance, feel and workability. I personally like the clean lines of the RC compared to the BBD's. 9.5/10 score

1. RC

2. Type-H

3. Type-T

4. SS-07

5. V-Steel

*Subject to change at anytime :P

SS-07 vs. RC vs. Type-T

Type-T vs. RC

RC vs. Type-T

Type-H vs. SS-07

V-Steel vs. SS-07

Random thoughts:

-I hit the BBD's and RC very long, not as long as my driver, but close.

-I will let you guys decide on what looks like what and how deep the facees are in my pics.

-Sound was probably the major difference between the SS-07 and the BBD's.

-All faces were square with these clubs.

-I tried Sonartec years ago and it seems that the better a golfer is, the easier Sonartec clubs will be to hit.


The Type-T will be in the BST soon!


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    champx2 wrote on Jun 28 2005, 08:23 PM:
    Man this is an awesome post. Thanks for taking the time. I know our member will appreciate it.

    I like the RC/sonartec line a lot. I've owned just about all of them and the bbd type h is my favorite to date. I just picked up a ss pro 13 and I'm looking forward to trying it with a pro 95.


    I am looking to score a Type-H if you or anyone can get me one. Aswesome club. This new RC Cv is awesome as well, my new love. image/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':vava:' />
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