Adams Idea Black Super Hybrid

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What do you think?


  • Great feeling club. Hooked the living heck outta this thing though and never could get my timing down. Went back to my old MacGregor steel shafted hybrid from ten years ago.
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    I got the 19* to serve as my bridge between my 3w (15*, 250 yds) and 4 iron (24*, 215)...only one was too long!

    This is the 5 wood for the new generation. I was putting this out there around 235 landing it reallllllly soft with a nice ball flight that reminded me more of a 6 iron's than a 19* hybrid's. The stock shaft is the Aldila SNV8 which is a perfect match, at a 115 driver ss it had no issue keeping up with my swing. The club has some offset which is hardly noticable and doesn't look as hooky as some of the more GI hybrids that Adams produces.

    Overall 9/10 as a 5 wood/long hybrid combo which I think is what Adams meant when they named this thing a Super Hybrid. Now time to find a 21* hybrid!
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    I am not one to do reviews, but after playing this club one round, I am amazed! Easy to hit off the tee, easier to hit off the fairway. I have the 15* and played it with a UST Attas 100s (will be switching to an Oban Devotion 85 after it is built). This club should be put in the fairway wood section. I had no problems hitting a fade or draw off the tee, and off the fairway it was nothing but straight. And I stuck it to 4 feet from 245 for eagle and made the putt. It gets such good elevation and such good stopping power. It may not be as long or as hot as some fairways, but it is perfect to aim, point, and shoot at pins. Everybody should give it a try!
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    I had an initial love affair with mine, lots of passion. Then one morning I woke with what I thought was the same club and it was actually a hooker. Left, left & more left. It is very long off the tee, and easy off the deck but it just loves to go left.
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    I am going pull my 19* SH and 23* A7 both with Altus stiff for a 20* A12 w/ RIP'ed stiff

    Anyone know if you can have these bent .5-1* flat?.... All Adams hybrids seem so upright to me...

    feedlotdoc wrote:

    I had an initial love affair with mine, lots of passion. Then one morning I woke with what I thought was the same club and it was actually a hooker. Left, left & more left. It is very long off the tee, and easy off the deck but it just loves to go left.
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    Got the 21 degree with the voodoo shaft stiff. It is easy to hit. Off the deck, light rough, first cut, it is money. Off the tee it is fine as well, but it is an un-reformed Communist!

    It goes left, there is no getting around it. When you want to hit it with a fade, it goes left, when you want to hit it straight it goes more left and when you want to hit it left, tell the guys on the next fairway to watch out!

    Make a couple of small adjustments. Don't change your grip, you will **** yourself up. Play the ball more towards the middle of your stance and point the toe a little towards One o'clock. That seemed to straighten it out a little. Ball flight was with a hook start, straighten out and a little fade finish. But trust it completely, certainly not! Since my natural shot is a fade, I use it when I want to hit a hard boring draw. I don't have to think about it. That's what it does!

    It does put some spank on the ball and it is easy to hit--Left!
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    I took a few swings with this club in the simulator and really liked it. Been toying with the idea of getting the 17* model to replace my broken 5-wood, and I think this will do the trick. Put it up against a Superfast 2.0 5wd in the simulator and this fell just a couple yards shorter with a much nicer ball flight. Really liked the feel of it.
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    Hmm - looks like this club may not be the answer to my problem. I currently use G15 hybrids which appear to have a lot more offset than the Adams. However, having worked hard on my game and improved my release I now find that I hook them off the tee. Anyone got any suggestions about a possible replacement? I am 53 years old and off a 17 handicap. Normally off such a high handicap the Ping G15 would be a logical choice but I can't keep it straight. I don;t hook my fairway woods and irons nearly as much.
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    I'm currently gaming one of these 17* models as my "5 wood". Love it. Easy to hit off the turf, great off the tee. Stock Voodoo shaft seems good and true to flex. Very happy with mine.
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    I am in love with my 17* SH. It is super easy to work off the tee and super easy to elevate off the deck. I have never been able to hit hybrids but this is now my favorite club. It really has the length of a 5 wood with the stopping power of a 7 iron. I have hit everything new and old and no fairway wood or hybrid comes close to this!!!!
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    This club is boss.

    I hit it off the tee a lot. Much straighter than my driver and I only hit it about 20 yards shorter.

    I will take 20 yards shorter but in the short grass any day over 20 yards over behind a tree.
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    Love my 19*. Have the Ozik Altus in mine. Nice ball flight. Can hit it high and low.

    Experimenting with replacing it with a 17* SH. The newer version with the velocity slot. So far not liking it at all. Ball flight went from nice draw to high push fade.

    Will try it again at range this weekend and if not better the 17* is going up for sale.
  • I have the 19* with the stock Aldila SNV8 and I love it. I do not find it to be a hook monster personally. And my natural shot is a draw. I do think it responds best to smooth transition, but overall this is the most solid 19* I have used. And it is long and hot. The 41" shaft helps It's more like a 2 iron than a 3 iron replacement.
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