Anyone try this?

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music betwwen each shot to calm down?
Has anyone ever tried listening to music between each shot to calm down?

I've been really struggling with anger image/russian_roulette.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':rolleyes:' /> on the course lately and was wondering if anyone has tried it and if it worked. Any help is appreciated.



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    YES!!! And I love it. It calms me down soooo much and it really helps after a bad shot, or for me coming up to a short par 4 that is drivable I can get really pumped and get some adreniline going so that I can get the 10 extra yards to get to the green. And during practice rounds I listen to music the whole time, even during shots. It is against USGA rules, but it makes the game more enjoyable, especially on bad days.
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    or you can just learn to control your anger?
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    Dont listen to music because there may be rules that you arent away of. Just sing a song in your head, it does the same thing and it will calm you down.
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    Ya ESPECIALLY in tournaments its a great way to go a Dairy Queen after the round
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    it seems like a bit of a inconvinient solution. Ooops i duffed it better get the iPod out. and then the same next time. Just move onto the next shot. I know thats what everyone says but it really does work if you just concentrate hard. Ive snapped many a shaft in anger but now i just put it out of my mind and move on.
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    I always play best when i have a real nice even tempo'd song in my head. I am older than you, so for me Sinatra works best.
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    i'm pretty sure that it is legal to listen to music or anything else for that matter during play, so long as it's not "advice". this applies both while hitting and between shots. no tour tempo or swing thoughts or whatever. i think you can listen to music of any tempo, so long as it wasn't recorded to be at that tempo to aid with golf. but if you find a certain tempo that suits you, you could find all the normal music you want of that tempo and listen away.

    however, i would guess that this would be against tournament rules at many tournaments, so you'd definately want to be careful about that.
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    that will only work if you put "closer" by nine inch nails on repeat, that puts me in the zone
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    I believe that it is only illegal to listen to an ipod or whatever during a shot, no matter what it is, and only music other wise. No help cds or whatever at all.
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    You could just scream serenity now or woosah to calm you down
  • birdiemachine11birdiemachine11 Members  454WRX Points: 61Posts: 454 Greens
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    I thought that I read in a Golf Magazine article that it was not illegal to do it during tournaments, just most don't allow it.
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  • golftitleistgolftitleist Jr. Boomers  858WRX Points: 0Posts: 858
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    I would watch out with this, especially in tournaments that don't allow electronic devices...
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    I am pretty certain the AJGA doesn't allow it...
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    sounds like a hassle putting on and taking off earbuds each round.

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    I took a book to my last tournament cause the kids i was playing with were so annoying
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    I listen to heavy-metal and death metal, so Im thinking that probably wouldnt do much to calm me down...

    You dont usually listen to Slipknot when you want to chill and mellow out.
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    just get some oakley thumpz and you'll be all set! I read bob rotella says if you're frustrated to hold onto the club until your ready to move on, once you put the club back in the bag no more looking back at past shots, i thought it was an interesting idea.

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    Hey mike, I've read a lot of Bob Rotella and haven't heard that one - but I like it! I'm gonna use it, thanks.
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    My iPod hardly leaves my side even on the golf course. Mine is packed full of Metallica, ZZ Top, Godsmack, Motley Crue and Van Halen. I listen to it when I practice and if I'm playing in a match or tournament where that is not much camaraderie.
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