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Combo Setup

zubby01zubby01 Members Posts: 68 ✭✭
I recently purchased Callaway 2018 x-forged irons and I really like them. I have 4-PW. For those of you that have combo sets, why do you have them and what club do you change models?

Considering the Apex MB's to add in.

What am I gaining, for example, if I go 7-PW with the MB's?


  • dunndunn Members Posts: 6,362 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited Oct 16, 2018 #2
    Most sets are already combo sets.....first off you have to ask yourself what are YOU looking for, why would this benefit me, what dont you like about your short irons, what do you wish they did differently... how consistently do you REALLY hit center.....

    Most club changes from really good players come from a problem, feel, or certain characteristic they're looking for and then they test to see if their choice is valid.....

    Most golfers here on this forum I would say pick MB combos for ego which is fine....(not all but most)

    Grab an 8 iron and play with it for awhile and see if curious....they are harder to hit consistently even in short irons tho....feel amazing and offer unlimited possibilities to the golfer using them...if you have the skill

    Same ol deal if you gotta ask than, well......prolly not gonna help

    Want to try em for fun grab a few short irons regardless of brand and give it a go

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