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    That bertrand dude has some cool videos on youtube.

    ... And extremely hairy arms !!
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    Lime Shark wrote:

    hoganswing wrote:

    Hogan never had a secret, he was just playing mind games.

    This might have been true early on, as he was known to have teased other golfers that asked him about his early improvement with the line "I've got a secret."

    There's no question that Hogan had several things that were unique to his swing. The bowed wrist was one of them. Hogan went to his grave declaring this was his secret--the one big change he made that improved his swing. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he as telling the truth--the cupped wrist was his "secret."

    Tom Bertrand (who received hand-me-down instruction from Hogan through John Schlee) in his book and videos lists two interesting moves in Hogan's swing:

    1) The laying off of the club. This is done by straigtening the cupped leading wrist. This forces the elbow down against the body; forward of the hip; and causes the tip of the elbow to point down the target line.

    2) The leading elbow rotates forward to close the club--not the hand; not the wrist--the leading elbow. Bertrand refers to it as tripping the club.

    Neither of these moves would work without the cupped wrist. The cupped wrist enables the layoff move, and the layoff move puts the arms in the correct position to allow the elbow rotation to work. Of couse, this assumes Bertrand knows what he is talking about, and not just blowing smoke.

    The point I'm trying to make is Hogan may have considered the cupped wrist his "secret" because it was the key that enabled other parts of his swing to work.

    Are you talking about Hogan having a cup left wrist at the top of his backswing?
    How To Swing Like Ben Hogan

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