Have the option to get a great deal on M1 440 from friend, which loft?

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Long story short, friend has the new driver bug so he is willing to sell me his 2017 M1 440 with Rogue Silver for a solid deal (he has played it like 3 times so almost new.) I have been looking to drop a bit of loft from my i20 as it is a 10.5* and it is a little higher and more rainbow flight than what I want. So just looking to see if the 10.5* M1 440 is a lower launch than most other 10.5* or if I should pass on it and grab a 9.5*? I need to know by today which is why I don't go do a huge demo session. (he got his bonus today so if I don't buy hes trading in.)

Thanks to anyone who can help!


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    Yes it does launch and spin low. Remember those ping heads have more actual loft than the stated 10.5. My I 25 10.5 had actually 12 degrees. At least with the m series you can loft it down, it will open the face up though. Go try one at a local place first and see what the launch is like for you. It is one of the lowest spin heads around.
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    One thing to keep in mind is what hosel setting you use and what effective loft it creates. In my M1, I play it in the “higher” setting which creates an effective loft of +2*. As a result, I chose the 9.5* in order to keep the ball flight optimal. My angle of attack is also +3* or higher.

    If you’re someone who plays an open or square club face, the 10.5* might work for you. Also, the Rogue Silver is advertised as a low launch shaft so it should keep the ball down some.
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