What are Some GPS/Laser Ranger Finder Hybrid Options?

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Right now I use the Bushnell Tour X and I have zero complaints about it. Sturdy in the hand, hits pins (a majority of the time), fast, etc.

Here is my only problem: on a majority of the courses that I play the flags are the same color so I can't tell if the pin is front, middle, back. I hate wearing a watch when I play so that GPS option is out.

I really like the hybrid idea so not only can I get exact distance but I can get an idea of where the pin is in terms of front, middle, back. Ideally I want slope on the hybrid as well.

With that said, who makes hybrid GPS/Laser Range Finders? I know Garmin just came out with the Z80 but it's super expensive and not sure I want their first edition. I'm thinking I want them to get the bug out before plunking down $600.

Any hybrids that I should look at? I know Bushnell has a hybrid as well. Love the company but I think that hybrid is relatively new to the marketplace as well.

Any and all feedback would be much appreciated.



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    Callaway has one as well, but they essentially just stuck an IZZO GPS screen on the rangefinder. There is no integration. The two units you referenced are really about all that is out there that do offer all yardages at the same time. Golf Monthly just did a comparison of both units:


    The Bushnell does not do slope and there have been a couple of complaints here in the forums of it not easily locking on to the flag. Your other options would be wear a GPS watch and have a laser (which I have done, but I feel a bit ridiculous). I mainly only the use the watch for blind yardages. I really like the features of the Garmin, but that price tag hurts especially when you can buy a laser with slope and a GPS (keychain or watch) for much less combined. However with the features it offers I understand the high cost.
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    The Z80 is pretty revolutionary in that it combines the rangefinder and gps on the same screen.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I've tried wearing a watch and it just doesn't fly with me.

    I agree that the Z80 seems like the best the top of it's game but $600 is super steep and we're talking first gen.
  • JD1970JD1970 Members Posts: 4
    I"ve been waiting for the Garmin Z80. Have heard some really interesting things about it. But last weekend I played with A guy who bought one. He was using it for the first time. Not what I was hoping for. Because they use A camera to view through the image is rough. They have to darken the image so the numbers show and the magnification isn't great. Even getting past what you see the numbers jump all over the place and I had A tough time locking onto A target. In fact several times I was getting readings that were way off... likely A hill or tree or something behind the flag. I had my Bushnell with me and half way through the round we were both over the idea of something new and went back to using the Bushnell. When we compared the Bushnell reading to the Garmin they were typically about 2-3 yards off. I've used Bushnell for years and trust it as being highly accurate so I"m led to believe the Garmin was off the mark. I know Bushnell came out with A new hybrid too but haven't used it. I heard it doesn't have slope so I'lll probably stick with what I have for now... Bushnell V4 Shift.
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    You’re looking to get flag locations to the quarter inch.
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    Since you already have a laser why not just get the best value GPS you can find? I have a Bushnell V2 and a Garmin G6. Best of both worlds.
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