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I currently play Nippon 120s in my cobra MBs, but cant get the height that I am looking for on longer irons. Any shaft suggestions for getting a higher flight/more carry distance?


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    Kinda hard to give totally accurate suggestions over a forum without knowing very much. But i would suggest going to your fitter and playing around with a little bit lighter shaft in the same flex (10-15 grams lighter) in your long irons. True Temper has their AMT line in a few versions where longer iron shafts are a bit lighter than say the PW. If you do go lighter in long irons make sure to have your swing weights in line too. Might also want to try the Modus 105 in same flex you have now. Think those have a little lower bend profile and lighter which should help the ball go up and that way you would only be buying 3-4 shafts and not positive i think the shaft labels are the same (if that kinda thing matters to you). Like i said though its best to go get on trackman/foresight and play around looking at your numbers. Good luck and happy tinkering!
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    Don’t discount the NS Pro series from Nippon. They seem to be forgotten since the Modus releases but they are a really good shaft. If you stay in the Modus line you could try the 130’s. Higher launch but a really unique feel that you may or may not like.
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    Nippon NS Pro 1050 or 1150, Nippon Modus Pro 105, KBS Tour 105, True Temper XP 95 or XP 105; or Project X PXi in steel. If you go graphite, give the Project X LZ 90 or Graphite Design Tour AD 95 a try.
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