Gaffa tape - as a fat shot cure aid!

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Probably been posted before but.. I seldom go to a range with mats (a local course has a couple of practice holes you can hire for an hour... Usually get longer if no one else wants it... For the price bucket of 50 or so balls).. Main reason is that for irons can't easily tell if hit it fat + no divot. But just been hitting a few almost golf balls indoors yesterday from a thick door mat and tried a bit of gaffa tape just behind ball - if rough up tape or flies off then fat if stays in place then ball first contact (or near.!)

May go to a range and try. An alternative to the towel option maybe.
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    I usually just use a towel because that's always on my bag, but if you want to work only on ball first contact, I'd recommend doing a half backswing and accelerating through the ball, it becomes a lot more apparent if you hit the mat first.
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