Srixon z945 4-PW, 3i Head, DG x100

I thought I would try some x100's in one of my favorite irons, and they just didn't work for me. Clubs are 1/2" over, and 1* upright. Pics show the condition well. Grips are mid-size tour velvet.

Srixon z945

4-PW with DG x100

3i Head unshafted (unhit)

$385 shipped to the 48 states.

I'd be willing to remove heads but since I'd have to pay someone to do it, its probably a wash as far as savings are concerned.

Only trades I'd entertain are for some modus 130 s shafts 3-PW. If they sell today i'll get them shipped out tomorrow!

* Changes way too often


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