Return to golf, WITB overhaul.

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Hi all, thought I'd post my current what's in the bag. I live in the UK and I've played on and off for 15 years since I was a young junior. I returned to golf in August 2018, joined a local club and got back into it after a 4 year break and got my head back on with it all.

I decided to have a freshen up with a local friend / PGA professional and we went through my swing with a JC2 launch monitor.

From there I had clubs fitted and decided to update my bag somewhat. We had a lengthy gapping session and tweaked the irons accordingly and I purchased wedges to suit my set-up whilst retaining an old wedge that had plenty of life left in it (52 degree vokey)

This leads me on to my current what's in the bag:

Titleist 917 D2 8.5 Degree with Fujikura Speeder X Flex

Titleist 917 F3 13.5 Degree with Fujikura Speeder X Flex

Titleist 712u 2 Iron with X100 Shaft

Titleist 716 MB 4-PW with KBS C-Taper X Flex

Titleist SM4 Vokey 52 Degree

Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind 56 & 60

Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Laguna Two

Titleist Players 14 Stand Bag.

Driver & 3 Wood Fitted with GP MCC Plus4 Grips

Irons Fitted with GP MCC Grips with 2/3 layers of tape.

Additional Mentions:

The odyssey x blade with the Fatso grip is merely a training tool for me now, having been away from golf for so long i felt i was getting a little much hand movement. I fitted this to try and isolate my hands a little more. It seems to have worked even though it isn't pretty however it never leaves the house.

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