What golf clubs did you start out with or use at 7yrs old?

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I'm new to this forum and I have a 7yr old who is wanting to get into golf. He is really small for his age. He only weighs about 45lbs. I have gotten him a few junior clubs here and there and he hits them great. I purchased his driver at Walmart. Some kind of junior driver they sold seperately. He has a nike jr 3 wood and I'm unsure of the brand names of the other 2 irons he has.

The problem is he has a perfect swing and hits his clubs with great contact, but he lacks distance with these clubs. Can some of you junior golfers out there tell me what you were using at 7 yrs old or some of you fathers out there tell me what your youngsters are using?

Also, I'm unsure if this is the proper place on this forum to post this to get the best response, so if the site administrator sees this post and can help me out I would appreciate it.

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    Distance will come.....

    When I started playing I used a handmedown set of wilson Jr clubs. It had 5 clubs w/ steel shafts.

    In all honestly get a putter in his hand and teach him that first (he will thank you later)
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    My brother is 9 and he is playing the PING moxie junior set and he loves them. He used to play us kids cubs but has gained alot of distance since switcing to these clubs. I also agree to teach him putting first and worry about hitting it straight and the distance will come. Another thing is many younger kids tend to swing with alot of arms and not use their lower body in the swing, maybe try to get him to make a bigger turn and he might hit it farther.
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    U.S. kids clubs are without doubt the best clubs you can buy for a junior. I used them from about age 8 to 12. They have a series for beginners and for the more advanced junior golfer.
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    Delta Junior Set...
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    Cut down Spalding blade 7 iron, cut down wooden Spalding 4 iron, cut down spalding blade pw and sw, some random component putter.
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    get that kid some blades. his ball striking will be ridiculous when he grows up. try a blast putter if you can find one...trust me on this one.
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    I used to play nike jr clubs

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    bjackson wrote on Jun 28 2008, 01:48 AM:
    get that kid some blades. his ball striking will be ridiculous when he grows up. try a blast putter if you can find one...trust me on this one.

    That would be my thought as well.

    I started at 8 with a ladies persimmon 3 wood, a muscle back 6 iron, a sand wedge and an 8802 stye putter all cut down to suit my height.

    I had so much fun with them. Who cares how far you hit the ball. I was always in the garden or on the carpet with the wedge and putter and the 6 iron improved my ball striking without question.
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    tommy jewell

    age: 13

    hdcp: 3.5

    when i started out at 6 yrs old i had a set of . . .

    Driver: callaway big bertha hawk eye 11*

    3 wood: Adams Tight Lies 15*

    7 wood: Orlimar Trimetal 21*

    3-PW: Ping Eye 2 Orange Dot Steel Shaft

    Sand Wedge: King Cobra SS-i 55*

    Putter: Ping Kushin

    I now play . . .

    Driver: Titleist 907D2 9.5* Diamana Blue Board Stiff

    3 wood: Adams Insight 15* Aldila G75 Stiff

    2 Hybrid: Adams Idea A3OS 16* Graffaloy Stiff

    4 Hybird: Adams Idea A3OS 22* Graffaloy Stiff

    4-PW: Cleveland CG Red True Temper DG S300

    Wedges: Cleveland 588DSG 54* + 60* True Temper DG

    Putter: Taylormade Rossa Daytona 1
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    Cameron Circle T wrote on Jun 28 2008, 01:23 AM:
    Cut down Spalding blade 7 iron, cut down wooden Spalding 4 iron, cut down spalding blade pw and sw, some random component putter.

    If you really want them (kids0 to enjoy game buy them some KIDS clubs. Cut Down adult stuff swings an XXX300 and about E6...I can't beleive people will pee away thousands on own gear, then not spend a couple hundred for Ping or Cally kids gear....
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    Man I remember when I used to hit my dad's old fastbacks (RAM makes them I think), thing weighed as much as me and about as tall. But I hit them in the back yard all the time. Then one day I got suprised with a junior set of clubs and it was probably the best day ever as a kid!
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    Taylormade V-Steel 5 wood, stock stiff
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    Cobra Forged Tec 5-PW, KBS C-taper lite stiff
    Cleveland CBX 50*, 115g DG
    Cleveland CBX 56*, 115g DG
    Cleveland RTX3 60* Midgrind 9* bounce
    Scotty Select Newport, 73* lie, 1* loft, 34"
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    I used to have a set of Wilson Michael Jordan junior clubs.
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    I had a set of Dunlop blueflash blades.

    They were a b'stard to hit and made me a good ball striker.

    Junior blades would be my suggestion.

    Also don't worry about length....that will come in time.

    Better to get the short game right first.

    Tiger started learning at the hole and then worked back to the tee.

    I wish I had.
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    my dads old apex cut down probably not the best choice seeing as they devoloped a big overswing that was hard to get rid of
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    Am I really the only one who played the Northwestern Junior Set? 2wd, 7i, 9i, Putter.

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