Pro launch blue 85x in old non bore through Titleist PT help

Hey guys .

Miss the feel of my old 15 pt so wanting to put a shaft that will somewhat help get the ball up . I realize the pt wants to fly low and I’m ok with that... but I recently found a new 85 x pro launch shaft in my stash .

How much should I tip it to get the “correct” feel.

This is more of a trial and error thing..I don’t mind losing a few yards to get that old feel back. New fairways just feel so pingy

I’m thinking tip it the recommended 1/2 inch and install it 1/2 long that way I can remove and tip a further 1/2 inch if needed

Sound good ??

Thanks gentleman


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  • Anyone?

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    No easy answers. The "correct" feel is way too subjective. What other shafts have you played and with what tipping has given you your 'correct' feel?

    Also, not familiar with that head - if it's not a bore-through, is it a std bore? Playing length and swing weight can matter as well - basically what we really need to know is what will the final head weight be (including any adjustment for swing weight)?

    But that being said, if you want more 'up' help, than the easy answer is to start with no tipping. Just because it's a fairway (I'm assuming 15 refers to the loft) doesn't mean you have to tip it. And the first 1/2" of tipping really is extremely subtle in terms of feel. You can always go back and tip it later if the feel is too soft (yes it is best to leave a little extra length at the butt end and test it choking up to the desired playing length). And the PL Blue, despite being a higher launching shaft is not generally considered overly loose by any means so being overly soft is not typically as much of a concern as with some other higher launching shafts.

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