Need help! I’m close but I can’t quite figure it out

I’m been playing for a while but I always seem to get the club on top of the ball. It’s a reliable fade but the ball doesn’t go anywhere. I would appreciate any insight into this problem. Thanks!


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    Any possibility a face-on exists? Always found one single view tells half the story. If it doesn't exist, it doesn't preclude feedback. Probably dims the depth and reliability of the feedback - ergo the question. Not trying to be picky. Your call.

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    I agree with the post above, but I'll give my 2 cents any how.
    Good looking backswing, on plane and you get some torque in your hips - but I would deepen it ala Hogan. You also seem to increase the angle between your legs and upper body during the swing, which creates much less room to get at the ball. Rory would be a good example here, as would Woods and Hogan and basically any good long iron player in history. That mini-squat like motion is the key to A LOT of power, and you dont seem to utilize and of that power since you're quite level throughout the swing.
    This video could probably help explain what I mean:

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