X100 higher ball flight and spin?

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I just watched this video where he is testing Dynamic Gold S300 vs X100 and I was surprised that he is spinning the ball more with the X100 shaft and he also has a higher ball flight?

I thought you used the X100 over the S300 if you want less spin and lower flight?
Can someone explain why he is opposite?
Video here:

Thanks man!

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    Equipment’s impact on spin/flight is marginal compared to strike. I would venture to guess the shafts caused fairly different strike points thus causing different spin. Just because one shaft is “low spin” doesn’t guarantee you’ll spin it less if the shaft causes you to strike the ball in a specific way. It is not a constant rule that X100 will spin less than S300.

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    Others will be able to offer more insight, but I 've heard that the s300 is more tip stiff than the x100. That could be one reason.

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    Guy doesn't have enough speed for X100. He's carrying 7 iron 155. And hitting off mats. And admitted his ball striking has been hot and cold. I'm not surprised after watching a couple of his swings. Overall, I wouldn't put much stock in that comparison. As always, go out and try them for yourself. If S300 is a better fit for your swing you may get more ideal numbers than a stiffer shaft just from delivery and impact location.

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    the s300 is a softer design which is allowing his hands more forward of the ball and less dynamic loft. The stiffer mid section of the x100 is causing him to add more loft at impact as he is not loading it as well. Ultimately will come down to the individual as to what a shaft will or wont do based on their swing characteristics

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