Callaway Combo Irons heads 4-PW...X-Forged and Prototype...$210 shipped!

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Selling a set of Callaway combo irons in 4-PW. 4-7 are X-Forged heads and the 8-PW are the Prototype heads. Prototypes are stamped R with two dots on each side on the hosel. They have been used and show some bag chatter. Faces and in pretty good shape still though. See photos for details. No trade interests. Looking for $210 shipped for them

Mini Set:
Taylormade M3 9 Speeder X
Adams Pro 18 Project X HB7
Ben Hogan PTX 29, 35, & 41
Scratch 1018 47, 53, & 58
Yes! Bella
Snell MTB-X
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