Want to find the right Fuji shaft

YevKasimYevKasim Members Posts: 254 ✭✭
I'm wanting to find the right Fujikura shaft for me. Just like with my equipment and because I don't have the funds to buy the latest and greatest, I'm not interested in the new stuff.

I've been very pleased with Aldila's NV shafts since they came out and have been playing the S flex 75 untipped in all of my drivers. I'd like to understand what all the love for Fujikura is all about so a few months ago I bought a 510Df that had a 660TR X flex in it. I'd been wanting another DF so I couldn't pass up the deal. Well, the X flex was too boardy for my 105-110 compact "hitters" swing. I recently got my hands on an S flex 660TR and it felt a bit loose for me.

I'm thinking that the 3.2º torque in the 660 really makes it feel different than the NV75. So my question would be: what Fuji shaft has a similar tourque to the NV75 with similar bend profile. Again, I don't want to pay for the newer stuff.
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